Six Simple Ways To Make Your Home Safer For Everyone In The Family

Maintaining a safe home environment for your family should be a number one priority. There is much you can do to ensure a secure home, keeping it safe from danger or unforeseen occurrences. Here are six easy ways you can make your home safer. Regularly Test Your Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Alarms Chances are you […]

Wear and Tear: Tips for Making an Old Home Look New

You will find a lot of different styles of homes in American neighborhoods. Some of the more classic Victorian style, or Tudor style or Craftsman homes are often timeless in their architectural design. Yet regardless of the home style, it can seem like there are always parts of the exterior or interior that need to […]

Home Improvement: The Best Practices to Maintain Your Yard and Driveway

            Keeping your home well-maintained can promote excellent curb appeal, help you to keep your property value up and minimize the need for significant repair work over the years. While you could wait until your house is in poor condition before you start making improvements, the fact is that keeping […]

Turn Your House Into A Home: Tips To Give Your Home A More Personal Touch

Creating a warm, welcoming, and comfortable home goes far beyond just just furniture, rugs and color. To give a more personal touch that makes not only family members feel like home is where they want to be, but a place where guests feel welcome and comfortable too, takes a little more effort than one would […]

Freshen Your Facade: Simple Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

Making sure that your home keeps its outer beauty year after year can be a big chore, but luckily there are plenty of immediate and easy steps you can take to ensure your home maintains its great curb appeal. A Good Cleaning As time passes, dirt and dust tends to build up on the exterior […]

Entryway Decor: 6 Styles that Invite Positive Energy

Delighting the senses with home decor is the entryway to great design success. First impressions matter. Whether commercial or residential, the entryway is where people care about positive experiences of invitation. Here are six enticing styling ideas to help bring out the best in entryway allure. Start at the Beginning Before walking through any doors […]

10 Pest Control Tips to Follow This Winter

            Pests are more than just a nuisance. They can be a genuine health hazard to your family! Here are 10 tips for banishing them back to the wilderness this winter. 1. Store Your Goods Carefully When you’re done with the holiday decorations, don’t put them in cardboard boxes. Secure […]

How to Tackle a Complete Bathroom Makeover on a Limited Budget

It’s time for a bathroom facelift, but extensive remodeling is not in your budget. Remodeling the smallest room in your home can be pricey, especially if most of the features are outdated or run-down. You can get a “new” bathroom feel for a fraction of the cost of a big project with some creativity and […]

Five Common Home Repair Mishaps That Every Homeowner Can Avoid

Property owners often attempt to complete their own home repairs in an effort to cut costs. Unfortunately, this can result in increased damages and elevated repair costs. With the right preparation, it may be possible to avoid unnecessary issues and get seamless results. Following are five common home repair mishaps that every homeowner can avoid. […]

Staying Safe: Ideas to Make Your Home More Secure This Year

As a homeowner, protecting yourself and your family is likely one of the most important things in the world to you. Second to that, you probably want to make sure your home itself and all the valuables you’ve worked so hard for are secure as well. It’s important to do what you can and what’s […]

4 Best Ways to Protect Your Home from Fires

House fires are not just destructive to your home, but traumatic and even deadly for the people and pets who reside there. However, there is no need to live in fear of a house fire. There are many ways to protect your house and your family from the trauma and devastation of a fire. 1. […]

Major Ways to Speed up Your Home Renovation

A home renovation can get delayed time and time again when you do not plan ahead for an expedited project. If you’re in the process of revamping your living space, or you are finally updating your kitchen, it’s important to consider even the most minor details before the project starts so that a casual two-week […]

4 Advanced Technologies to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Your home is a complete ecosystem that, when run properly, can keep you safe, comfortable and make life more convenient. Energy efficiency can decrease the cost of running your home by ensuring that you are using your heating, cooling and appliances efficiently. Even your home security system can contribute to your home’s efficiency by alerting […]

How to Deal with Snow and Ice Build up in Your Driveway

            Winter in Toronto is serious business! We experience extremely harsh temperatures and snowstorms, resulting in dangerous ice and snow buildup. Are you ready to deal with snow and ice removal in your driveway this winter? Here are a few options to consider when getting ready to tackle the mounds […]

Winterize Your Home: 5 Things to Check Before the Cold Comes

Creating a check list to winterize your home is the most efficient way to insure maximum comfort during long winter months. A check list should contain interior and exterior areas of the home to keep the cold out. There are five things to check before the cold comes. These include: Check exterior windows and doors […]