Make Sure Your Mancave Is Ready For Baseball Season: 4 Things to Remember

With spring rapidly approaching, we can already hear the exciting crack of baseball bats and smell the buttery, mouthwatering popcorn as it bursts to life within the walls of the concession stand. For every game that you decide to watch from home, it is important to ensure that the trusty old man cave is prepared […]

Warning Signs That Your House May Have A Rodent Problem And How To Fix It

Almost every homeowner will deal with rodents at some point, but there are steps you can take to prevent major problems. Often times, pests can live in our homes without our knowledge. Here are six signs that you are dealing with the problem and what you can do about it: Small Cracks And Holes If […]

Bathroom on a Budget: Tips for Remodeling on the Cheap

Bathroom remodels can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you might not have enough to completely overhaul your outdated bathroom. Many people leave their boring bathrooms untouched because they think that without the money for a remodel, they can’t improve the appearance. The truth is, there are so many little updates you can make […]

Home Hunting: What Pest Damages You Should Look for Before Signing The Dotted Line

Finding the perfect home takes time and diligence and many hours of searching. Before signing on the dotted line at closing, there are some must-have inspections of the structure and property that should take place. Knowing that your home is free and clear of critter damage will protect you in the long run. At first […]

Finished Basement: Is the Cost Worth the Rewards?

A finished basement offers homeowners numerous advantages and rewards. When deciding to finish a basement, though, homeowners should be aware of the costs associated with the project and how to save money. This way you are more prepared for what kind of investment you are getting.   Basements Give a Home More Livable Space A […]

Five Major Problems That Could Lower Your Home Value

Several factors go into how much your home is actually worth such as square footage, the number of rooms, location and the condition of your home. Some factors that determine the value of your home aren’t easy to change, but some are under your control. Below are five major things that might lower the value […]

Could Your Home Decor Use a Little Mouth to Mouth? How to Quickly Revive Outdated Decor

Is your home’s interior looking dated? Every home needs some rejuvenation now and then, but you don’t have to invest in a full home remodel to get a fresh, modern look. Making tiny adjustments to your furniture, lighting, walls, and practically any area of the home if you need to breathe a little life back […]

Three Tips for Deciding How Much House You Can Afford

Buying a new home is a big financial step for most individuals. While many homes are chosen for purely emotional reasons, there are some initial steps that can prevent major roadblocks later on. The most important first step is determining exactly how much house you can afford. Gross Income Calculation One of the most basic […]

Home Insurance: Reasons Why It’s Worth The Money

Home Insurance: Reasons Why It’s Worth The Money   Home insurance is a must for every homeowner. Imagine losing everything to a fire, flood or storm and having no way to replace it. Home insurance also covers you in case of a burglary. Having homeowner’s insurance means that you can rebuild in the event of […]

Ways To Get Your Yard Looking Great In Time For Spring

Before it is even time to jump into spring lawn maintenance, there are ways to get ready for the planting, fertilizing and shaping that comes with the season. It involves making sure the remnants of winter are gone and the lawn is prepped for seeding and other spring spruce ups. Check for Moss/Lime If moss […]

Property Management Ownership 101: 5 Things To Remember When Investing In Real Estate

As a real estate investor, there are hundreds of laws that can influence your investments every day. From determining whether an encumbrance exists on a property to suing for a hidden defect on property, it is vital that you have a basic understanding of these laws to protect your best interests as an investor. Understanding […]

6 Questions Potential Tenants are Asking About Your Property

If you’re a landlord, you know how hard it can be to find good tenants. When showing your property, it’s important to address any issues that the tenants are noticing, but often they’ll move on to another property before they voice these six questions. Know these questions so that you can better sell a contract […]

4 Home Renovation Projects to Consider This Spring Season

Spring is upon us, and it is that time of year when we want everything to be clean, new and fresh. Not only is this the time of year we tend to do our big spring cleaning rituals, but it is also the perfect time to tackle some of those home renovation projects that you […]

Three Things You Can Do to Keep Bugs Out of Your House this Summer

During the summer months, bugs love to come out of hibernation and reproduce. If you are not prepared for the summer months, you may find yourself dealing with wasp hives, bee hives, ant hills and even bed bugs in your home. Dealing with these pests can be unbearable. Here are the top three things you […]

Things to do to Ensure your Home’s Basement Doesn’t Flood

Basement flooding is a serious problem homeowners must prepare for. If you live in a wetter climate, you know how common it is to have damp or musty basements. Flooding can damage appliances, cause electrical problems and spark the growth of dangerous mold. It can even damage the foundation of the home and cause structural […]