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Top Reasons To Install A Water Feature Outdoors

Posted by 14 August, 2017 (0) Comment

Water features can be beneficial for both public and private spaces. Not only are they attractive to look at but they have also been shown to reduce stress. This makes them a great choice for creating a private backyard retreat. There is something extremely calming about the sound of water that can instantly relieve the […]

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How to Make a Checklist for House Hunting

Posted by 4 July, 2017 (0) Comment

When it comes to searching for a perfect home, there is no golden recipe. Everyone’s needs are different and everyone’s checklist will look different, so instead of trying to find the perfect one, you should focus on learning how to make one tailored for you. It’s not difficult, but you do need to give it […]

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How to Prepare a Period Property for Sale

Posted by 20 May, 2017 (0) Comment

With property prices in the UK having fallen for the second consecutive month in April, those looking to prepare their home for sale may face a difficult challenge in the coming weeks. This is particularly true for individuals who own period homes, as these properties strike the awkward balance of being in relatively low-demand while […]

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Top Tips for Buying a Period Property

Posted by 19 May, 2017 (0) Comment

Period properties can be a fantastic buy. They’re usually large, airy and full of character. However, their age means that they can be ridden with problems; many of which will, without proper inspections, go unnoticed until the property is lived in. Here is a list of potential problems that it is vital to check for […]

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Renovating an Old Building: Is is Worth the Investment?

Posted by 28 April, 2017 (0) Comment

While the property market may have declined against a backdrop of economic and geopolitical uncertainty in recent times, this remains a viable investment vehicle in the modern age. In fact, the challenge facing investors is determining precisely how to invest in real estate, with various options available offering variable rates of return. For those of […]

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Myth Busting: 3 Misconceptions About the Quick House Sale Market

Posted by 28 April, 2017 (0) Comment

When selling a house, there are several steps that you can take to drive a quick and lucrative sale. One of the most important is to time your listing carefully, as while the period between February and June is the ideal time to sell, July, September and December tend to see cyclical declines in demand.  […]

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Four Ways to Help Sell Your House Quickly

Posted by 31 October, 2016 (0) Comment

There are many factors that come into play when you are looking to sell your home, or any property for that matter. How you present your home to a potential buyer is critical to the sales process, and additional to that, the team you get to handle the sale process is just as important. Let’s […]

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5 Keys To Successfully Managing Your Own Rental Property

Posted by 16 April, 2016 (0) Comment

When you become a landlord, you have taken on a great responsibility. It is more than just buying a property and letting people live in it. You can save a tremendous amount of money by taking care of the property yourself. While it can take a bit of time and effort to do this yourself, […]

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What You Need to Know Before You Decide to Buy Rental Property

Posted by 1 April, 2016 (0) Comment

Maybe you have been thinking about investing in some rental property. It can certainly be a profitable idea if it’s managed properly. Not only do your renters pay off the mortgage for you but once your debt is clear you can start banking the rent for your own future or start to invest somewhere else. […]

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What’s New in Central Florida

Posted by 18 March, 2014 (0) Comment

It looks like it is going to be a very busy month for the Orlando municipal planning department, as it looks to assess and implement a number of new developmental projects within the region. Several well known developers and city planners have submitted new plans for infrastructural projects within Orlando, that are now pending approval […]

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