Burbridge Realty Company

Burbridge Realty Company is a real estate company specializing in property management.  The Company was founded in 1900 and was owned and operated by the Burbridge family until 1995 when it was purchased by Molton Smith.  Smith has been in the real estate business throughout Florida since the late 1960’s.  The Company represents numerous real estate owners in handling the affairs of their rent producing properties including both residential and commercial.  The owhers place in the hands of Burbridge Realty Company the responsibility of directing their properties to perform as well as possible.  This includes renting their units, collecting the rent, handling repairs and maintenance, paying the expenses incurred by their properties and at month’s end, providing them with a report of the month’s activity with accompanying documentation.

Burbridge Realty Company

245 E. Adams St.

Jacksonville, FL, 32202

(904) 354-6646