Property management software reviews. We’ve made it easy to review and compare property management software. Read our summaries to make it easier to choose the best software for your needs.

SoftwareLowest CostReviewRating
Buildium$9.95/moBuildium’s property management software is used to manage thousands of commercial and residential units throughout the US and Canada. Buildium Reviews


(9 Reviews)
123Landlord$7Manage all of your tenants & properties, collect payments and track rent due. 123Landlord Reviews


(1 Reviews)
T-Rex Global$9.95/moTrex Global strives to build the easiest to use property management software by using the latest web technologies and listening to their customers. Get 30 days of free access. T-Rex Global Reviews


(4 Reviews)
Landlord Max$165Easy to setup and use. Lots of available reports. 30 day free trial. LandlordMax Reviews


(2 Reviews)
Tenant File$249.95Easy installation, free phone support for 60 days, and free unlimited email/fax support. Free demo available. Tenant File Reviews


(3 Reviews)
Tenant Pro$395Ideal solution for small to mid-sized portfolios of less than 500 units. Tenant Pro delivers all the tools you need in one system. Tenant Pro Reviews


(1 Reviews)
Landlord Enterprise$249Manage your tenants, properties,and payments with ease. Landlord Enterprise Reviews


(0 Reviews)
IDEAS Property ClerkvariesProvides all of the features required for any property management organization. IDEAS Property Clerk Reviews


(1 Reviews)

Choosing Property Management Software

Property management is a multi-layered task that can take some time to fully learn and understand. However, as with most fields nowadays, there is software available that can help you out as you work to fully manage and organize all of your properties.  Just as property management is a multi-faceted undertaking, so is the software that can help you to succeed at it.  Below are the different aspects of property management for which software can be useful.


Performance and rent are two things that need to be tracked if you are managing properties. For tracking rent, software is especially useful if you have more than one property from which you are collecting rent. There are even programs available that can assist you with sending out letters to those who are behind on their payments in addition to the regular tracking of payments. The performance tracking software can help you to determine how much money your properties are actually making for you. It does this by tracking all costs and performing calculations for you.


Bills, taxes, and expenses are things that everyone who manages properties must contend with. These three things can add up quickly and if you are not organized it can be a difficult part of property management. The software that is available can help you to track when bills are due and how much they are. For taxes, software can be even more useful. By tracking all of your expenses and income year-round, some software will be able to produce a tax form for you when tax time comes around. This will save you much time and worry. Managing expenses with property management software will also save you much worry. There is much in the way of expenses when you manage properties, and software will help you to see where your expenses are, and perhaps even cut down on them.

Property management software can help you to manage your properties, and do it well, without the expense of a property management company. With software, you can take control of your own rental properties and begin to relax as the software makes the entire process much easier for you.

Get help in choosing the best software for your needs by reading the property management software reviews listed above.

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