123Landlord Review

123landlord reviews

Now that you are a rental property owner, you are going to have to manage it. From finding your new tenants and keeping the property maintained to keeping financial records and tax records for the property.  There are so many things for you to take care of. Relax 123landlord can help you keep track of everything. 123landlord is an easy to use, affordable web-based system that helps landlords manage their properties. By purchasing a subscription to 123landlord, you can manage up to 50 properties depending on the package you purchase.

With 123landlord you can easily keep records on all of your properties, and your tenants, past and present. The 123landlord system allows you to customize leases, print invoices and receipts, and keep track of additional charges such as pet deposits and security deposits. You can take care of all of your accounting needs associated with the properties you own. You can create your own form letters and generate reports by building, property or tenant. You can collect and keep track of all rental fees and email receipts back to your tenants. Track your expenses and create work orders and send them right to your contractor for your property maintenance.

All of your information is safe and backed up by Rackspace Hosting centers that are located in Texas, Virginia, and Illinois. All of your data is backed up daily and is available to you at any time. All of your data is encrypted and secure from the moment it is input into the system. Technical support is available with no additional charge. Support is available through email, live chat or through the telephone. 123landlord is a web based system, so you will be able to log on to your account from any computer. This way you are not tied to an office desk. Where ever you are and there is an internet connection, you will have access to your data.

There are 3 packages for you to choose from. The Basic package is free. With this package you can manage 2 properties and 2 tenants with 1 user. The Professional package is $7 a month and you can manage up to 12 properties, 12 tenants with 5 different users. The Premier package is $15 a month and offers unlimited properties, unlimited tenants and unlimited users. There are no setup fees to pay; you simply start paying your monthly fee.

You can also become an affiliate with 123landlord and earn a 30% commission every month for every customer you refer to 123landlord.com and who becomes a subscriber. You are paid for every month that they are subscribers. You can create a nice additional residual income by referring other rental property owners to 123landlord.com.

If you own properties, you should check into 123landlord.com to help you manage them. Don’t pay a high cost property management company to do what you can do yourself. With 123landlord you have all the tools necessary to successfully manage and maintain your properties in one system.

Learn more about and order 123Landlord property management software.

3 thoughts on “123Landlord Review”

  1. Wallace says:

    123landlord may be suitable for managing a few properties, but with the requirements of maintaining a trust/escrow account for brokerage, a more robust software package would be better.

  2. Greg says:

    I subscribed to 123landlord a few months ago because it appeared to be great software. I soon discovered that the software still has three major bugs in it (the online payments don’t work, the custom domain does not work, and the prefillable pdf forms don’t work). Also you are supposed to be able to create online applications that feed into the software, and that does not work. Nothing ever gets fixed. I tied contacting technical support, and I got totally ignored. However, after I posted a scathing review on FaceBook of how bad 123landlord is I got an immediate response from Anthony R who at least responded to me a few times, but he failed to fix a single problem with the software. (BTW, I noticed that the reviews no longer appear on their FaceBook page). Finally I emailed asking to cancel my subscription to that horrible product, and I assumed (incorrectly) that someone would actually do it. Of course I got billed again. I am looking for something that actually works.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I just signed up the other day thinking 123landlord is great software as well. I need the capability for my tenants to pay online. I followed their directions on their website so I could get an application for echecks. On the website, it says I should get a response within 24 hours. Again, I am only waiting for an application. They have not responded yet after 2 different emails, a Facebook message and 2 phones calls, all go unresponded. I can’t even get a hold of a human! All I get are voicemails. I am going to have to cancel if I can’t get a hold of them.

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