3 Good Reasons To Consider Building A Detached Garage

Moving day chaosAre you thinking about putting a detached garage on your property, but are you just not quite sure if it is the right decision? This is a big project, and it is not something that you should start without doing your research first. If you are going to commit to building it, you need to know what the garage will offer you so that you can decide if it is worth the investment. You will find, however, that there are some huge benefits that go along with having a detached garage.


Income Property


First of all, you could use the space over the garage stalls as a rental property. Instead of having an attic for storage, finish it with drywall and laminate wood floors. Add lighting and running water, both of which can be connected to your existing water and electrical grids. The space will probably work best as a studio apartment, or you may be able to turn it into a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with a small living space. If you make a few hundred dollars a month renting this space out, the garage will pay for itself in no time. This is far less obtrusive than renting a room in your house.


A Workshop


Another advantage of a detached garage is that you can use it as a workshop if you like to work on cars or do woodworking projects. Just divide the area in half, using one side for your car and the other side as a shop. An attached garage could be annoying to everyone else in your family since they will hear the power tools all the time, but a detached building is isolated enough that you can work whenever you want without worrying about keeping everyone awake.


Safety and Security


People often forget to lock the garage or close their San Jose garage doors. Not only does this expose your vehicle and anything that is stored in the space when you have an attached garage, but it also gives thieves and criminals a way into your house. It may be easier for them to break into the garage and then into your living area. You are much better off to go with a detached garage so that you know that your home is safe, no matter what happens. This increases your security and your sense of well-being while you are living in the house, making your home the safe haven that it should be.

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