3 Ideas To Make Your House More Like Walden Pond

Managing Your MortgageFew locations have been as deeply ingrained into American history as Walden Pond. Founded by father of the American Transcendental movement, Henry David Thoreau, the house came to symbolize the author’s personal credo of simplicity and solitude. Managed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, this treasured preserve has been called home by renowned writers, politicians, actors, and more since. Now, people from around the country are wondering how they can add a breath of fresh air into their own house while balancing the simple and welcoming feel of Walden Pond. Here are three easy and hassle-free tips that anyone can keep in mind to turn their house into a Walden Pond home.


1. Exchanging Matching Décor for a Collected Look


One of the best parts about decorating a house with a rustic or well-worn feel is the ability to use repurposed items or even just antiques that would look out of place in a more modern home. Unfortunately, this can also be a downfall as these items can be especially difficult to match perfectly. Instead of attempting to find identical dishware, lighting, or even furniture, a collected look can be much easier. This means taking extra time to ensure that each item is stored or exhibited without the appearance of hoarding.


2. Free Up Space in the Family Rooms


One of Thoreau’s best known catch phrases is “simplify, simplify, simplify.” Much like giving these homes a rustic and collected feel, it is also important for the larger rooms to feel as if they have wide open space rather than being cluttered with useless trinkets. Even those that do not have a vaulted ceiling or larger rooms can maintain this style by removing a few of the non-essential items and keeping them safely stored at storage units in Gretna, LA. Some of the easiest items to pull out include extra bookshelves for knick-knacks, side tables, and any unused electronics.


3. Mix Materials


When most people think about the welcoming and well-worn feel of a Walden Pond home, aged and stained wood comes to mind. Unlike the faux wood and laminate options that are used today, it can often be difficult to match these materials with one another unless every single item is purchased at the same time and cut from the same crop of trees. Luckily, aging and bleaching are two great ways to bring a room together without the need to completely redo every piece of wall, flooring, and furniture. Once the style of wood has been chosen, an accent for the room should be chosen as will. This can be dictated by what resources are available to the homeowner, but brass and stainless steel are both practical and eye-catching.

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