3 Projects to Modernize Your Kitchen

FaucetEveryone feels at home in the kitchen, and this heart of the house doubles as your cooking station and a casual gathering spot for family and friends.

Don’t overlook the potential of this comfortable room. It’s the perfect location for upgrades that restore its beauty and increase your property value at the same time. Here are three great ideas for modernizing your kitchen and bringing out the best in this favorite room.

Sink Into the Future

The kitchen sink is so basic that it’s hard to picture it as a basin of innovation. However, the latest designs turn this fixture into an art form complete with water-saving plumbing, smart faucets and an array of extras. Replacing the old sink with something modern includes clever options like fitted cutting boards, crockery baskets and even colanders. Beautifully formed faucets feature touch-free sensor controls and LED lighting. Keep in mind that you can mix and match your sink and fixtures to create an installation that’s unique to your kitchen decor.

Create Clever Cabinets 

Most kitchen remodeling jobs involve new cabinets, but you can upgrade the replacements with beauty and function. Get more use out of lower cabinets with sliding racks arranged in tiers that give you easier access to pots and pans. Take advantage of narrow areas with doors that open to reveal glide-out receptacles for your recycling bins. Turn tight corner space into smart storage with revolving shelves, and give the spice cabinet a lift with graduated and elevated shelving that lets you see everything with a glance.

Don’t Just Dream About Islands

Modern kitchen islands are more than convenient spots for food prep and casual dining. Today’s custom models take center stage with built-in range tops that cook according to your preferences. From traditional gas and electric to high-tech induction stovetops, these futuristic appliances perform as well as their traditional cousins. Add griddles for hot sandwiches, grills for indoor barbecues and sleek, suspended range hoods, and these kitchen islands become culinary centers of attention. Choose a stylish finish of brushed stainless steel or Mexican tile, and you have a beautiful, functional addition to your kitchen decor.

Remodeling any room in the house is exciting, but there’s a special pleasure in bringing the kitchen up to date. Ask any Bonita Springs real estate professional and he’ll tell you that potential buyers put a high value on this special room. Think about how much you’ll enjoy modernizing the kitchen, and do the math. Your investment today might pay off very well in the future.

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