3 Signs You May Have a Sewer Drain Clog

3 Signs You May Have a Sewer Drain ClogA sewer drain clog is a plumbing emergency that no homeowner ever wants to face. If a sewage drain clog occurs, wastewater that can not escape through the sewage drain flows back into the home’s plumbing and can possibly overflow into the home. The smell and the mess of a sewage drain clog is a nightmare to deal with. If signs are caught early enough homeowners can call in a professional such as Colorado Sewer Service Inc to help fix the issue. There are a couple sure fire signs that a home is experiencing a sewage drain clog before wastewater flows back into the home.

Various Plumbing Clogs

One of the biggest signs that there is a sewer drain clog is when many different plumbing fixtures experience clogs. Toilets, showers and sinks should all be watched if a homeowner suspects a sewage drain clog might be occurring. Toilets are the main identifier in a clog, especially if many toilets seem to be clogged at the same time, however, slow draining sinks and showers also account for a clog in the sewage drain line.

Unusual Chain Reactions Throughout The Home

Unusual chain reactions throughout the home when using plumbing fixtures is another sign a home may be experiencing a sewer drain clog. Unusual chain reactions can surface and not be a sewage drain issue if the toilets seem to flush fine, but if the toilets are affected, it is usually a sewage drain clog. Unusual chain reactions could surface such as a toilet overflowing because the washing machine is draining water out of it or the water level increases significantly when water is run in the sink or shower.

Waste At The Clean Out Site

Some homes have a clean out site for the main sewage line. If the home has a clean out site for the sewage line, a homeowner should not be able to see water coming out of the pipe. If water is sitting in the pipe, flowing out of the pipe or waste is visible, this is a significant sign that there is a sewer drain clog.

When a homeowner notices or experiences signs that the home may be dealing with a sewer drain clog, it is a substantial plumbing emergency. Sewer drain clogs should be dealt with immediately with the help of a professional to help keep damage to a minimal.

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