4 Amazing New Home Improvement Apps to Help You DIY


It’s never been easier to plan your do-it-yourself project. With a few great mobile applications, you can organize your ideas, implement your plans and complete your projects successfully! Here are some apps that will help you bring your decorating ideas to life.




1. Houzz Interior Design Ideas




The Houzz Interior Design Ideas app offers a world of ideas to inspire you for your next DIY project. With over 1,000,000 high-resolution photos, Houzz is a hub for interior design inspiration. Their network of architects and designers identify where their furniture, decorations and paint selections can be found. It doesn’t matter if you like a classic, antique or modern look. Create an “ideabook” for your next project and select the pictures that resonate with your style.




2. Home Styler




Wouldn’t it be great if you could take pictures of your home and try different decorating styles? You can with the Home Styler app! Just take a few pictures of the room you would like to redecorate and experiment with the style palettes the Home Styler app gives you. Choose between various paint colors, furniture pieces and area rugs that the application provides to get the perfect look for your home. If you have a question or concern, you can connect with a professional and ask for advice.




3. Home Depot




Have a project in mind that’s a little more complex? Let the Home Depot app help you out! Once you download the app, you can connect to your local Home Depot store and sign up to attend multiple workshops. You’ll find hundreds of how-to videos and projects that will help you tackle your latest home project. You can also read a customer review of the product before you buy. Once you decide what you need to complete your job, it’s easy to order your materials online.




4. ColorSmart




Designed by Behr, this mobile application helps you decide what colors you’re considering to paint the walls in your home. Simply use your camera phone to select a color you like from your existing photos folder and watch as the app matches it with the hue you love! With hundreds of different shades to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect paint color. Hire the best painters in Houston to complete your job.




Use your time and energy wisely: download the mobile applications that will make your project easy from to start and finish!

4 Amazing New Home Improvement Apps to Help You DIY

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