4 Benefits that Can Be Seen With a Whole-House Water Softener

For many people, hard water is a daily problem that can clog pipes and reduce effectiveness of cleansers. According to a U.S. Geologic Survey, 85% of households have a problem with hard water. Hard water can also leave behind deposits on fixtures and pipes that can cause blockages, lessened water flow, reduced efficiency of appliances, and increase energy expenditures.

One long-term solution to this problem is installing a whole-house water softener. A water softener uses ion exchange to reduce the amount of hard water minerals and replace them with sodium. Most water softeners use sodium or potassium chloride, but some use magnetic fields to change the electrical properties of the minerals that build up on pipes, causing pipes to repel them to prevent build-up. Whole house water softeners have many benefits to consumers, mostly in terms of time and money saved.

Whole Home Softener

Water Cleans Better

Softened water cleans dishes better and easier, shines glasses, and leaves fixtures cleaner and spot-free. It also leaves hair and skin softer and smoother, and washes soap out better. Because soap lathers better, less is needed and clothes get cleaner while colors last longer. Overall, softened water makes cleaning easier and more efficient.


Appliances Last Longer

Many appliances that use water, such as water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, etcetera, can accumulate build-up of hardened minerals due to hard water. These accumulations result in shorter lives for the appliances. It is possible to remove mineral build-up in appliances, but it must be done frequently and repeatedly for maximum efficiency. The costs can quickly add up.


Appliance are More Energy Efficient

These accumulations of minerals in appliances mean that appliances must work harder and longer, using more electricity and raising energy use. This results in higher energy costs and more damage to the environment. Those repeated removals also require chemicals that could be harmful to the environment.


Water Softeners Save Consumers Money

Decreased use of soap, shampoos, conditioners, and other cleansers means less money spent on those items. Appliances lasting longer leads to fewer replacements and costly repairs. More energy efficiency results in less money spent on electricity. For a family for four, water softeners cans save an estimate $600 a year!

In the end, water softeners from Anderson Water Systems save consumers time, money, and hassle. Less time and money is spent on cleaning, appliances need to be replaced less often, and less energy is used every day. Sounds like a great deal, right?

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