4 Benefits to Having Wireless Internet in the Home

The internet and the technology associated with it have made leaps and bounds over the last 15-20 years. No longer are we subjected to the inconvenience of static and slow dial-up internet connections transmitted through our phone lines. Arguably the most important invention where this technology is concerned is the emergence of wireless internet, or Wi-Fi. There was a time, not long ago, when computers and other devices were connected to the internet via Ethernet or other linking cables. This, obviously, limited a person in terms of where they could go to access the World Wide Web. Today, wireless internet is such an entrenched technological feature that if a recently purchased mobile device and/or computer do not have such capabilities, it is branded antiquated and has no significant value. Here is small list of some of the benefits of having Wi-Fi capabilities in your home.

Easy Installation

You might not think it if you are not technologically savvy, but installing wireless internet in your home is actually a fairly straightforward and easily-accomplished feat. In order to set up wireless internet one needs to make of use of what is called a wireless router, which takes mere seconds to plug in and connect to your modem or other internet leads. Most wireless routers have a pretty large coverage area, but if you are coming up short, devices called repeaters can be added that will increase the range of your wireless router.

Freedom to Move

Wireless internet allows the user to go anywhere a wireless signal can be received, and this translates into mobility. No longer is the consumer stuck within a 6 foot radius of their computer cables and hardwired internet connection. If you are asking yourself if wireless is slower than wired connections, you might be surprised to learn that nothing noticeable is lost in terms of upload/download speeds using wireless compared to wired internet connections.

Greater Access

In the same vein as increased mobility, access is also enhanced by using a wireless connection. If your computer is networked, you can send and receive information over said network when you are on the go. Also, as alluded to earlier, the user is free to do any number of things in any number of locales—in other words, you are not rooted to the internet hub of your home should you have previously decided upon a wired internet connection. In the business world, for example, how nice would it be to have access to all of your internet-oriented business resources in the middle of that big meeting? Some might argue it is invaluable. Well, wireless internet makes this possible

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