4 Best Ways to Protect Your Home from Fires

4 Best Ways to Protect Your Home from Fires

House fires are not just destructive to your home, but traumatic and even deadly for the people and pets who reside there. However, there is no need to live in fear of a house fire. There are many ways to protect your house and your family from the trauma and devastation of a fire.

1. Monitor Sources of Flame

The best way to protect your home from a fire is to prevent obvious sources of fire. Never leave a stove, iron, or other hot appliance on without being in the same room. Keep candles far away from anything flammable, and blow them out before leaving the room. In general, sources of heat should always be three or more feet away from flammable things such as curtains and upholstery.

2. Maintain Alarms and Detectors

The National Fire Protection Association claims that 60% of deaths from house fires happen in homes that did not having functioning smoke detectors. Every home should have smoke detectors in the kitchen and in every bedroom that are checked monthly. In addition, batteries should be changed to a fresh set every six months. Many home owners choose the additional measure of an alarm service that will automatically call the fire department if there is a fire. You can find NorthStar Alarm reviews and learn what services people found the most useful for preventing or minimizing fires.

3. Maintain Your Electrical and Heating Systems

While electrical fires are becoming less common with modern codes and technologies, there are still many incidents in American homes every year. Have an inspector look at your wiring, electrical panel, and outlets to ensure that they are safe. In addition, have your chimney and heating system inspected every fall.

4. Have a Plan for Fires

Many families fail to plan for fires, because the focus is kept (rightly) on prevention. Keep fire extinguishers in the rooms most likely to have a fire, such as the kitchen. Ensure that all adults and older children know how to use it and what kinds of fires it can extinguish. Everyone in your home should also know to exit the house immediately and meet in a predetermined place in the event of a fire.

While a house fire is a frightening possibility for American home owners, most fires can be prevented. In addition, they can often be detected before they are destructive by having alarms and fire extinguishers. Being proactive is essential to protecting your family from this deadly threat.

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