4 Documents You May Need to Sign before Moving

When it comes to moving, there’s plenty to keep up with. One of the most important is the paperwork, since whatever you sign your name to will be something you’re saying you agree with. Before signing anything, you need to know what it is, what it means and how it will impact your move.

Mover’s Estimate

The first piece of paperwork you may be signing is the mover’s estimate. This is provided when the movers come to your home to assess what they are being asked to move, creating an estimate of the cost, when they can be there and other details. At this meeting, ask them how they arrived at their total and if there are extra charges for items requiring special handling, like that one-of-a-kind antique cabinet that your grandmother’s grandmother owned and is considered a family heirloom. After all, you don’t want to arrive at your new place to find it in a million pieces. Once you’re satisfied with their answers, sign on the dotted line.

Order for Service

Next on the agenda is the order for service. This comes after the initial visit, and is the official contract between you and the moving company. If there’s one paper you better understand before signing, it’s this one. It includes the date of pickup and delivery, total cost, insurance coverage and extra fees. If you have any questions that aren’t being answered to your liking, ask for assistance from the Immigration Services Oklahoma City has to offer. They’ll look over the paperwork to ensure everything is correct.

Bill of Lading

When the big day arrives, movers will hand you this and expect your signature. This paper outlines the earlier agreement, so don’t sign until you understand and agree with everything. Movers must have this before starting, so any dispute needs to be cleared up quickly. It contains everything listed in the order for service, so look it over carefully before you and the mover both sign it, because this is considered your receipt.

Inventory Sheet

This list shows everything that’s being moved, from the biggest table to the smallest figurine. Movers fill this out, assigning each item a number. You should watch this very carefully, to ensure everything is accounted for. This is also used when arriving at your new home to ensure everything that was supposed to make the trip actually did. Once you can account for everything, sign your name and start enjoying your new home.

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