4 Emergencies That Every Home-Owner Should Know How to Handle

When you own property, you will have an emergency of some sort. While you cannot predict or prevent every disaster, there are some ways to protect yourself and your property. We talk about ideas for four of the most seen emergencies below.


No one knows when a burglar may strike, but there are ways to deter these criminals. Security cameras are excellent options to scare away cons. If you do not have enough money in the budget for this product, motion detecting lights make a good alternative. Placing a slide lock on the door leading to attached garages and on the garage door itself can prevent theft.


Grease fires are common in the kitchen. By closing the oven door or putting a lid on the pot that is on fire, you can get the flames to die down or go out. A bag of flour or box of baking soda can put out the flames when you do not have a fire extinguisher meant for putting out grease fires. Read the instructions and labels on any extinguisher. If you do not know how to use the equipment, you can cause the fire to spread. Towels will either douse the flames or catch fire. It is better to use a powder or cut off the air from the fire.


A burst pipe can ruin a lot of property fast. You can turn off the water valve and the main shutoff to clean up the mess and assess the damage. If you are not handy with plumbing and local safety codes, then it might be best to call an emergency plumber to fix this problem. To protect your belongings from flooding, you can purchase flood insurance. These policies are often separate from homeowner’s insurance.

Utility Outages

Stocking up on things you can use during a power outage can help you make it through until the power or gas comes back on. Batteries, flashlights, candles, alternative heat sources, grills, charcoal, blankets, first aid kits, additional clothing, bottled water, and food you can barbecue will help you manage your basic needs. Remember to unplug all of your equipment if the electricity goes out and turn off gas valves if you have gas appliances.

Being prepared for emergencies is just as important as trying to prevent them. When you know the basic ways to stop fires or manage a bad storm, then you make the bad times easier. Practice drills are helpful ways to keep your skills sharp as well.

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