4 Furniture Hacks to Protect From Summer Damage

While the summer months mean vacation, warmer days, and lots of barbecues, this season can wreak havoc on the furniture. From the blinding sunlight to more dirt and sweat from summertime fun, part of every homeowner’s summer will include finding new ways to keep the furniture protected and clean. Homeowners should consider the following four tips to keep the summer weather from ruining their furniture.

Tint Your Windows

Window treatments like tints will help protect the furniture and improve a home’s energy efficiency. Homeowners hoping to improve their energy efficiency should invest in solar window film when tinting their windows. The solar film absorbs or reflects 99% of the sun’s UV rays. With tints like the solar film treatment protecting against UV rays, homeowners will be able to prevent their furniture from deteriorating faster. In addition to keeping the furniture protected, these tints will make the home feel cooler, which will help to reduce the electricity bill. 

Draw the Blinds

Another way to keep furniture as safe as possible during the summertime is to add blinds to the windows. With these blinds, up to 90% of sunlight will be blocked from entering the windows. While it is unlikely the blinds will be drawn all day, homeowners can keep their furniture protected by closing them during the brightest times of the day and when the sun is directly streaming onto the furniture. This is also prudent to protect your eyes from UV damage, as direct sunlight can be harsh on your retinas.

Invest in Couch Covers

The summer sunshine isn’t the only threat to furniture during this time of the year. With the heat of the hot summer days, furniture like couches run the risk of dirty marks and sweat stains. While some stains are unavoidable and need to be professionally cleaned, homeowners can be preemptive about protecting their couches by using couch covers. Couch covers for the summer will keep couches stain-free while they are protected with these slip-on covers. As these covers are easy to remove and clean in the washing machine, homeowners will find that the solution is quite effective at keeping the couch clean during the summer. 

Bring out the Steam Cleaner

Furniture like sofas and cushions can be a hassle to wash. If these pieces of furniture have any stains or dirt on them, don’t worry about shoving them into the washing machine or having them professionally cleaned just yet. Use a steam cleaner to spot clean the furniture. Steam cleaning makes it easy to remove stains and dirt that may otherwise be difficult to clean.

Don’t let summer take its toll on your furniture. Use these four tips to keep your furniture protected and your home fresher than ever in the hottest months of the year. 

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