4 Home Repairs to Finish Before Your Baby Can Walk

Parents know you do not need to put the baby gates up and install the child safety caps in the outlets as soon as you bring home a newborn. There are some projects you will want to do around the house while your baby is still learning to sit up. We talk about four of the most important repairs below. 

Fix wobbly furniture

When your child is ready to pull up to stand, he or she will grab onto whatever furniture is closest. Popular Mechanics says loose legs on chairs and rickety tables are no reason to toss the items to the curb. A little wood glue, some screwdrivers, and new screws in the solid part of the furniture can save your favorite items and make them safe for baby. Your little one can pull up on the coffee table with a simple fix you can take care of before they can walk. 

Get an estimate to ensure HVAC equipment is in good shape

Window air conditioners and bent air vents can be a huge safety concern for toddlers. Without securing these items, children can get cuts or have a large system fall on them. An HVAC repair specialist with a good reputation and years of local service is the person to contact for help with items you cannot DIY. If you have vents that are within a toddler’s reach, make sure that they are securely fastened and have no exposed sharp parts.

Fix and secure banisters and heavy items

Many parents do not realize how important it is to tighten the rungs on a railing. If you have a metal banister, then a loose rail will never be safe. A welding repair service offers custom solutions for broken welds, rust, bent parts, and other common issues with metal railings. Other things to secure are dressers and television stands. These items are top heavy making them tip over quickly. Wall anchors and custom metal solutions can save your child from injuries as they begin to move around the house. 

Repair locks

One of the most important things to do when you have a baby is to make sure the house locks are up to par. For instance, a door that does not latch all the way might be easy to open. Gun locks should always be in proper working order. Window locks are another item you want to check before your baby is walking around the house. If you have a basement door, then you might want to use a sliding lock at the top to prevent toddlers from opening the door and falling down the stairs. 

Your baby’s safety begins at birth. Working on securing the home with small repairs can give you peace of mind when your child is playing by themselves. You can get more done when you know the home is safe and you can walk away to clean, put away laundry, or fix a meal for your little one. Along with the basics of covering exposed outlets, padding corners, and putting up baby gates, make sure your home is in good repair so your baby doesn’t toddle into disaster.

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