4 Home Selling Tips When Your Client Is a Car Enthusiast

These days, many realtors are looking for strategies and suggestions that can help them optimize the home selling process. One thing to consider is the reality that you will likely be selling homes to individuals who have specific interests. For example, you might find yourself selling a home to a car enthusiast. If this is the case, you’ll need to know which techniques to employ for the purpose of optimizing their experience and connecting them with the ideal property. Below you’ll find just four of many home selling tips you can implement to make the most of the process:

Focus on the Driveway

One thing to think about when you’re preparing to sell a home to a car enthusiast is the importance of focusing on the driveway. This approach is important because your client will be driving the vehicle onto and past the driveway on a regular basis. She or he may also park the car there on some occasions. With these realities in mind, you’ll want to think about things like whether the driveway is long or wide enough. Also consider what type of shrubbery or natural elements surround the driveway.

Home for the Cars

In addition to thinking about your driveway, take the garage into consideration. Is it aesthetically appealing or will it require a fresh coat of paint? Is the garage wide enough for the vehicles? How many cars will be stored in the garage and how many outside? Do you want a two car garage minimum? Do you need garage door services to install an automatic door? Will the client find the color appealing, too loud, or have neutral feelings about it? Sometimes it’s cheaper to build on a dream garage to a perfect home than to find a home that has the dream garage and dream interior.

Provide Photos and Videos

Another strategy you can implement when preparing to sell a home to an individual who is a car enthusiast would be providing her with photos and videos of the property. These photos and videos will empower the client to look at each element of the property (including the driveway and garage door) after the initial tour. This might seem like a minor detail but it’s important to remember that not everyone has a photographic memory. This means that some people will forget what the property looked like. Providing them with visuals is taking the extra step which can help them make a more informed decision about the property. It is also a step which shows the client that you are genuinely interested in connecting them with the home of their dreams, not simply selling them something.

Remember That It’s Not All About the Garage, Parking Areas, Etc.

One final thing to remember is that it’s not all about the garage, parking area, etc. For example, the car enthusiast probably won’t sleep in the garage. With this reality in mind, make sure that you’re paying attention to other aspects of the home selling process. Does the kitchen look clean? Did the client express any preferences regarding other components of the home, including but not limited to the carpet and size of the living room? Think about these things even as you concentrate on elements of the home that relate directly to the car.


Realtors who are interested in operating in excellence during the process of selling a home to a car enthusiast should know that there are many techniques that they can deploy to realize this professional objective. Four of them are outlined above. Start using these techniques immediately so you can sell homes with excellence and expedience!

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