4 Housing Repairs That Can Drive You Crazy

4 Housing Repairs That Can Drive You Crazy

If you are not the most savvy fix it guy or gal, attempting to make repairs around the house can be a frustrating endeavor. From figuring out how to budget for these repairs to knowing which way to hold a hammer, the entire process of home repair can sometimes be a little intimidating; however, in order to become a responsible home owner, you do not want to neglect your maintenance obligations. Here are four repair jobs around the house that you may want to get professional help with for good measure.

Painting Your Home

You wouldn’t believe how many people attempt to paint their home themselves. When they paint one side of the house, it looks like their home was attacked by a four year old with finger paints. The paint is not smoothly distributed, there are streaks and lumps, and they didn’t even know they were supposed to apply a second coat of paint. Instead of admitting their defeat, many of these people will attempt to fix the mess with an even worse result the second time around.

Fixing the Garage Door

The garage door stopped opening a few days ago and so you thought you would try to fix it yourself. Instead of calling a qualified professional to take a look, you started pulling it apart. While removing parts, you forgot to unplug the opener and got the shock of your life. Who knew that when you pull the emergency release, the door was supposed to be in the down position? Look on the bright side, your foot was only slightly bruised as the door came crashing down. In the future, you might just want to call The Garage Door Co Ltd. or a similar company to give you a hand.

Setting the Solar Array

Your wife talked you into going solar last year, but your neighbor was laughing because the aim of your PV-array was off considerably. According to Homeguides.sfgate.com, you were supposed to use a calculator to figure out the difference between magnetic south and true south for your location, but you never thought it made much difference. Now you are stuck on top of your roof, attempting to adjust the array manually without falling head over heels over the edge. To make matters worse, your ladder gave out and it will be three hours before anyone makes it home to help you down off the roof. Truth be told, you still are not sure if you got the PV-array aimed correctly.

The Bathroom Sink

Your kids came to you complaining that the bathroom sink was not draining. You figured you would pull the drain pipes apart under the sink and take a look. Sure enough, the pipes needed cleaning out to ensure proper drainage could occur. But, the real problem was trying to get the pipe assembly back together. What you thought would take five minutes took four hours to finally get realigned and snugly back together. Needless to say, that is not a repair issue you want to mess around with again for a very long time.

Although home repairs will sometimes drive you crazy, you can take comfort in the fact that everyone has some type of home repair that gets under their skin. Whether it is tiling the floor or replacing a toilet, there is always a learning curve involved when learning how to maintain your home properly. Sometimes it really is better to simply call a professional to help you get the job done in a timely fashion with the least amount of hassle.

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