4 Key Home Systems You Should Service Every Year

One of your most important responsibilities as a homeowner is to ensure that all your house’s systems and utilities receive regular service to keep them running smoothly.

Some appliances and systems don’t necessarily need maintenance until they cease to function correctly, but some of the most important home systems should be serviced every year to avoid damages or breakdowns. Here are four crucial home systems that need yearly service.


While giving most furnaces a yearly tune-up isn’t strictly necessary, it’s highly recommended by professionals. A licensed technician will check your furnace vents for any blockages or leaks, which can seriously impact the furnace’s performance, and they will also check the combustion gases to make sure a safety issue doesn’t arise.

In addition, they will check the filters, which needs to be done a few times annually, not only once. Because furnaces can be a fire or explosion hazard if not checked regularly, yearly maintenance on your furnace is strongly recommended.


Your plumbing should also be checked annually for clogs, leaks and water pressure problems. Not only can plumbing problems be extremely inconvenient, but they can also cause your water bills to increase and can lead to permanent damage if not repaired. If you have a septic tank on your property, this should be checked yearly as well.


If your home is outfitted with central air, the system should be inspected once a year at minimum by a licensed HVAC technician from Knight Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., or a similar provider in your area. This is because A/C systems need to be inspected and cleaned yearly to ensure that dirt and dust don’t accumulate too heavily in the coils and air filters.

If possible, you should have your A/C checked in the beginning of the spring so you can be sure it runs smoothly during the warmer weather when you’ll need it most.


Having your boiler serviced yearly can save you up to an additional 10% on your energy bill that you’d spend if it was running inefficiently. An HVAC technician will check the boiler’s tubes and clear away any sludge, sediment or scale, perform minor repairs on the refractory piece and check the electrical and mechanical controls.

All four of these key home systems should be serviced annually to keep them running smoothly and save you from excess energy costs. While you may be tempted to perform some routine maintenance yourself, it’s best to leave the job to a professional, as you wouldn’t want to risk harming your home systems or yourself.

So long as each of these systems have maintenance performed every year, you can keep your home safe and comfortable.

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