4 Last Minute Details That Can Make Or Break Your Remodel

Minor Home ImprovementsMany homeowners spend hours planning every detail of their remodeling project, only to overlook small details at the last minute. Choosing flooring and countertops that coordinate is important, but matching the new hardware on the cabinets with the existing drawer pulls is a step that is often overlooked. These details pull the room together and help it appear finished when the remodel is complete.


Clean the Walls


Any room that is being remodeled is likely to get dirty during the renovation process. Moving design elements in and out of the room and repainting can rarely be completed without creating at least a small mess. Make sure to clean the walls after you have finished moving furniture or appliances, especially if you didn’t repaint when you were renovating. Use plain water or a gentle soap and avoid scrubbing hard enough to remove the paint.


Make Sure the Hardware Doesn’t Clash


You don’t have to go crazy looking for the exact same drawer pulls as the ones that are already in your kitchen, but it looks much nicer if all of the hardware in the room has the same finish and is the same basic style. Cabinet handles and drawer pulls are fairly inexpensive, so you may find it easier to replace all of the hardware in your bathroom or kitchen than to find coordinating sets of hardware that you like.


Update Window Treatments


Another area that is often overlooked during a remodel is the windows. Replacing the window treatments in your home will make it look fresh and clean even if the area around the window isn’t included in the remodel. Make sure you choose a color for your shutters that coordinates with the main color of your home so that it looks put together. You can view shutters and window treatments here.


Replace Switch Plates and Outlet Covers


Outlet covers and switch plates are used often and they can easily become cracked and worn. The plate covers are inexpensive and usually very easy to change. The room will look much more organized if all of the covers and switch plates match. Some newer styles of outlet covers are designed with retractable covers over the opening so that children are not tempted to put their fingers in the holes. Some homeowners put a power strip inside a cabinet and use the area as a charging station where all of their electronics can be stored while their batteries are being charged.

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