4 Moving Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Moving is an overwhelming experience that can spark feelings of excitement, confusion, and anxiety all at once. The good news is that there are ways to better-prepare for a move that will help make it a more smooth process overall. These are 4 of the top moving mistakes that you want to avoid at all costs!

“Winging” the Move

Sure, it’s easy to get excited and worked up about the move in the days that lead up to it, but that doesn’t mean you’re actually doing anything to prepare for it. Many people wait until the actual day of the move to decide how they’ll organize and conduct the process, but this typically turns into a mess of losing items and breaking things along the way. Take the time to arrange for a truck if need be, create checklists, organize which rooms will go first, etc. This will reduce the confusion by a long shot on the day of the move if you take the time to do these things.

Ending Up with Too Much Stuff

One mistake that many movers seem to make is not checking whether their new home can accommodate all of the furniture and other items from their old home. This is especially true for people moving to smaller spaces. To accommodate this problem, you could store your things in a storage location. This way, your things are out of the way as well as protected. ExtraSpace Storage in Phoenix, Arizona has tons of viable options for any customer that needs somewhere to stow their stuff temporarily or over the long term. Be sure to check out all the different options that they offer!

Not Carefully Choosing the Moving Company

Some movers decide to leave the process of moving their stuff from point A to point B up to a moving company. While there’s nothing wrong with this, there can be problems down the line if the movers do not research or carefully pick the company. If you plan on enlisting the help of a moving company, do your research and make sure that the company enforces a competitive rate and morally acceptable policies.

Not Using the Right Equipment or Cutting Corners

Lastly, many movers try to transport their stuff from the old home to the new one all by hand. This can be a risky venture due to some things being hard to grip, or some things being simply too heavy or dangerous to carry. For example, a large couch might be best transported by a dolly rather than by hand. Additionally, some people might try to cut corners and cram their stuff into their new homes. Instead, they could just rent a storage unit from Capitol Heights, MD self storage for the time being. Use good judgment when moving your things at all times!


Overall, there are loads of things to avoid when moving. Avoid waiting until the last minute to arrange matters that concern the move, make sure your new home can accommodate your things, and keep an eye on who you choose for your moving company. You can vastly shape how your moving day goes with preparation and organization.

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