4 Parts of Your Home You Didn’t Think to Renovate

6991624_xxlWhen it comes to home renovations, most people focus on the kitchen, bathrooms, and main living areas. However, your home also has functional and exterior spaces that deserve some attention. Going beyond the obvious and renovating these forgotten areas is a great way to take your home from basic to luxurious. The next time you’re considering making an investment in your home, be sure to take a closer look at these four areas.

Closet Organizers
When it comes to home values, organization is definitely a plus. According to Apartment therapy, closet organizers make efficient use of space and add value to your home. They don’t have to be the top-of-the-line systems, either. Simply adding cubes to the top shelf and replacing the single hanging bar with bars of different heights and some shelves can make a huge difference in this space. While you’re at it, give the closet a fresh coat of paint.

The Bedroom
After you’ve focused on the living room and kitchen, give your own bedroom some tender loving care. This is the first space you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. Clean the room, paint the walls a soothing color, and invest in bedding that you love. Round out the look with some elegant window treatments, and put a fresh vase of flowers on the dresser. Use your newly organized closet to put away all the little extras so that the room will be completely clean.

Laundry Room
Yes, it’s a functional space that’s made for working, but that doesn’t mean it should be ugly. Take the time to update your storage shelves and make them more attractive. Put a little space in for hanging clothes when they first come out of the dryer. Add some fun signs or artwork to the walls for your own entertainment. You probably spend a good deal of time in this room, so you might as well make it more enjoyable.

The Patio
Outdoor living spaces are hot right now, and they continue to grow in popularity. After you pick out the perfect furniture set, turn your attention to the little extras that will take this space from a patio to a private retreat. An umbrella for shade is a must, and clock with built-in thermometer is always a welcome addition. Put some artwork on the walls, and you’ll have a glorious new living space that’s sure to please you. Many of these products are available from places like Patio Shoppes of Coral Springs & The Palm Beaches.

When it’s time to make some changes around the home, look beyond the usual and focus on a more neglected space. Making these changes will help you get organized and create a more sophisticated living space. You just might boost the value of your home in the process.

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