4 Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Color Scheme that Won’t Go out of Style

Color gives your kitchen new life. Usually, painting your kitchen comes as part of a revamping process. While choosing a color theme seems to be the easiest of the revamping steps, it is equally as challenging as choosing cabinet designs and paint quality. Luckily, this article will give you four tips to help you select a color scheme that should keep your kitchen relevant for ages.

Visualize on Your Goals

Color themes are believed to evoke your emotions. Your kitchen, on the other hand, accommodates all your happy meals and family memories. You might want to visualize your kitchen in a color that reminds you of happy meals and dictates your moods. If you feel like you want a kitchen that feels fresh and natural, green would be your best bet. Here’s the part you get to visualize your dream kitchen before heading to the store for paint.

Take Your Cabinets’ Colors into Consideration

Your cabinets dictate the general outlook of your kitchen. It is advisable that you focus on the cabinets, back splash, window treatment, and counter-tops before making a decision on the color you want to bring in. You wouldn’t want to color crash your kitchen into a rainbow. If the color of the kitchen elements doesn’t match your vision, you might want to change their colors too.

Test a Few Samples

A vision of your desired color theme may not be sufficient. Purchase a few paint samples with various shades and apply on the wall in tiny wipes. Observe how the samples react to different lighting and how it augurs with the cabinets, floors, and curtains. This method should give you a clear picture of how your kitchen will feel once you paint the entire room with your favorite pick.

Consider the Undertone

Undertones are often ignored and may later ruin a well-thought-of color theme. Colors that you thought would go well with your desired paint may turn to be slightly off due to their undertone. Tip number three could help you pick colors that will match perfectly with the undertone.

Kitchen remodeling can be exhausting, but at the end of the day, selecting a color theme for your kitchen is all about inspiration and dream you aim to achieve. Knowing what you really want in a kitchen color theme will make everything a lot easier. These above-discussed steps will guide into making the right choice.

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