4 Tips for Transforming an Old Building into Apartments

If you take a look around your town, you’ll likely notice several older buildings that no one wants to renovate. Instead of letting these buildings take up unused space and letting them go to waste, consider transforming them into apartments. You could create homes for those who have lower incomes, veterans, the elderly, or just people who are looking for a home in your town. Here are a few ideas to consider during the renovation process.

Cleaning Up

The first thing that you need to do is clean the building. A building solutions company can assist with pest removal and treatment as well as other types of preparations that need to be completed as you’ll likely need some kind of help instead of doing everything on your own. Try to remove debris located around the exterior of the building as well to create the cleanest environment for renovating and for those who will call the building home.


When you begin renovating the inside of the building, you’re going to need to build walls and other structures so that each apartment is an individual home. You’ll also need to install windows and floors. These details need to be completed before you can begin installing flooring, painting, and giving the apartments their own characteristics.

Comforts of Home

After all of the major details have been completed, you can begin the process of installing fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchens. Add basic appliances in the kitchens. Although plain walls are often the best solution for apartments so that residents can use furniture and decorations of any color, consider painting an accent wall in one or two rooms of some of the apartments as an option for those who want a little more character. Try to give each apartment its own details instead of making each one exactly the same. However, you need to think of your budget and the assistance that you have for renovating the building as you don’t want to get in over your head.

Welcome Home

Once all of the details are complete, you need to file the proper paperwork with the county and the state in order to allow people to live in the building. Inspectors need to tour the building to ensure that it’s safe and that it’s up to proper codes. After you’ve been cleared and approved, you can begin letting residents move into their new homes.

Transforming an old building into new homes might seem like a daunting task at first. With the right support and innovation, you can put your personal touch on any building, crafting new homes that residents can enjoy. Keep in mind that you’re going to need to maintain the property, so you should consider enlisting help for when you’re not present.

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