4 Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom

You can modernize your bathroom without having to undergo a major renovation. A good starting point is to make achieving an uncluttered look one of your top priorities. This may involve some downsizing and the implementation of creative storage ideas. Modernizing your bathroom involves making changes to the aesthetics of the room and the efficiency of the products you include in the design. Here are just a few great ways to accomplish that and give yourself a more efficient and beautified bathroom space.

Water-Efficient Toilets

If your bathroom is in need of an upgrade, then you can bet that your toilet needs one, too. Modern innovations in plumbing and pressure flushing means that you could actually be saving water in your home by buying a newer model. Water efficient toilets are available in many different designs and brands on today’s market. If you really want to get the most effective flush with the greatest efficiency, consider consulting with your local plumber. Bathroom plumbers have a lot of great insight into what pressure types can work with your existing plumbing system and will be able to install new appliances properly.

Modern Shower Designs

Open standing showers are an excellent way to modernize your bathroom and cut back on cleaning time. Without glass walls and seams to collect grout and water stains, keeping the shower space clean will be a lot easier. Many designers suggest placing an open shower in a corner. Pullout shower heads are a convenient, water-saving addition to your open shower as well, and allow you to completely control the direction of the spray for a more thorough clean. If a totally open shower design isn’t feasible for your bathroom, a half wall design is another way to achieve the openness that modernizes your bathroom décor.

Stone Tile

Natural stone tile is a great addition to any bathroom and is much easier to clean than linoleum. Stone doesn’t stain as easily as ceramic, either, which means you won’t need as many heavy duty cleaners to keep your bathroom in top shape. Stone tile is one of the most versatile design elements in a modern bathroom, as well. It can be used on the bathroom walls, floors and as countertop material. Using stone for these surfaces together doesn’t mean that you have to have all the same color, however. Stone comes in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to get creative with your color schemes and accent designs without having to change up materials.


Outdated or insufficient lighting can make your morning routine more difficult. While you don’t want the lights to be blinding, lighting that is too dim will make it hard to properly see the details of your hair, skin, and teeth in the mornings and evenings, slowing your ability to keep yourself properly groomed. Instead of a single, bright light, look into spreading the light out with wall lights and dimming features. While white is a common bathroom color, it can make ambient lighting come off as brighter than it is and even become overwhelming. Ensuring that the area around the mirror is properly lit with multiple lights at different angles is particularly important in terms of function. As for the aesthetics of the lights themselves, satin nickel, brushed steel and chrome are popular finish options for modern lighting. There are many design styles of modern bathroom lighting available ranging from simplistically sleek designs to artistically interesting designs, and you can coordinate them to match the general flow and shape of your bathroom décor.

After adding some modern features to your bathroom, the functionality and relaxing atmosphere can be greatly improved. To really keep your design in the 21st Century, keep efficiency and maintenance factors in mind as well as the aesthetics with your design. After all, modern design isn’t just about beauty; it’s about convenience.

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