4 Ways to Refresh Your Home Exterior This Spring

Spring is an excellent time to refresh the exterior of your home. It is neither too cold nor too hot to work outside, and the relief that spring brings from months of cold, dreary winter stimulates the imagination. Here are four ways to refresh your home exterior this spring:

Hang a New Door

If your front door has seen better days or if you just find that your perfectly serviceable door no longer “sparks joy,” replace it with a newer model. The various styles of doors are nearly endless. They can come in any color and indeed bright, bold primary colors for doors were trending a few years ago. They can have sidelights, fanlights, windows and transoms, lion-head knockers, beautifully wrought hardware or even central doorknobs. Don’t forget your garage doors, especially if they too have been battered by time. New ones can be thoroughly modern or old fashioned and made of materials such as wood, steel or aluminum like ones offered by the Raynor Door Company.

Give the Exterior a New Coat of Paint

If the color of the siding is no longer pleasing, or if it has become dull, blistered or flaking over the years, spring is an excellent time to repaint it. Again, the color palette is almost inexhaustible unless you live in one of those historic neighborhoods where exterior colors are controlled by local ordinance. Some homeowners paint their own home, while others hire contractors.

Add Plants

Plants are one of the easiest ways to refresh the exterior of the home. It doesn’t matter if a variety of potted plants are placed on the edges of the front steps, or urns with an assortment of plants are placed on either side of the front door or hung from the porch ceiling. Shrubs and ground covers can serve as foundation planting. Though potted plants can be bright indoors during the cold months, make sure outside plants are appropriate for your climate.

Add Lights

If the exterior lighting is uninspiring, they too can be swapped out. Replace the sad, naked light bulb in the porch ceiling with a beautiful, Victorian style lantern with hammered glass panels, and matching coach lanterns to go on one or both sides of the door. String fairy lights across the deck or patio. Solar powered mushroom lights can light the path to your home’s entrance.

These are only a few ways to spruce up the exterior of the house for the spring. They’re not too pricey and can be done in a day or less. Best of all, it gives the exterior of your house a fresh and inviting look.

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