5 Budget-conscious Backyard Updates Your Neighbors Will Envy

One Less Things to Worry About Is Your Home Prepared for DisasterMany homeowners yearn to have a backyard that neighbors will envy. Creating a lavish backyard on a limited budget is completely possible by considering the following five budget-conscious updates:



1. Garden


A garden can serve a great purpose for the family by providing natural fruits and vegetables all year. Gardens can also be a central location for the gathering of friends and neighbors. During great harvest seasons when the garden is producing more than the family can eat, you can plan a day to invite your neighbors for a glass of tea, conversation and free helpings to fresh produce.


2. Wooden Decks


Regardless of what climate or geographical location you live in, wooden decks provide year-round enjoyment for the whole family. Wholesale dealers offer wood at reasonable prices and building the deck can be a weekend project for a few handymen. Once completed, a wooden deck can be used for entertaining guests at backyard barbeques or serve as a sturdy, level surface for spring days when the kids want to do arts and crafts. Decks are truly versatile.


3. Unique Furniture


Thrift stores are notorious for offering unique furnishings that can be reconstructed to suit any style. The ideal find is a full set of patio furniture, but house boat furniture can do the trick as well. Consider using a metallic paint colors that reflect sunlight wonderfully and are sure to make your remodeled furnishings the focal point of the yard.


4. Lighting


Post-holiday shopping is an excellent time to buy hanging lights at discounted prices. Consider stringing lights through the slats of your backyard awning or arbor. For a more complex version, you can paint mason jars with translucent colors, bulb and wire them, then bundle three or four together and hang them from trees and roofs. Such a simple process adds significantly to the ambiance of the yard.


5. Waterfalls


Start by purchasing a basic, inexpensive waterfall at a local hardware store. Shop for decorative stones of varying sizes and meticulously lay the stones around the base of the waterfall. This creates a professional look on a reasonable budget.

In the end, creating an envious backyard while on a strict budget is certainly possible by trying these ideas: buy used patio furniture and remodel it by using metallic paint colors that reflect sunlight exquisitely, or build a wooden deck with discounted wood and a weekend of manual labor. Also, string lights around the patio, plant a garden, or customize a basic waterfall by adding stones at the base of it.

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