5 Budget-Friendly Home Improvements for a Fabulous Facade

Whether you are thinking of reselling your home or just doing some upgrades, the facade of your house is the very first thing people see when they walk up or drive by. “Curb appeal” refers to what people think when they stand on a curb and look at your home. Does it look like a warm, inviting place that people want to visit (or purchase) or does it look old, tired and run-down? If your house needs a facelift, here are some very inexpensive ways to improve the curb appeal of your home.


Flowers, bushes and shrubs all improve the overall look of a home and can be very inexpensive to purchase, plant and maintain. Even just spending a day or a few hours tidying up your existing trees, flowers, bushes or shrubs can vastly increase the curb appeal of your home.

Paint Doors and Shutters

A fresh coat of paint on your front door can make a huge difference in the look of your home. Consider a bright or dark color to add a touch of pop to your home’s facade, but do be sure to make the tone blend well with the style and architecture of your home. In the same vein, painting or even replacing faded, chipped or worn shutters can be like a facelift for your home!

Install New Windows

Installing new windows will actually serve a two-fold purpose. Not only are new windows able to refresh your façade, they can make your home more energy-efficient as well! High quality windows, like those at Fas Windows and Doors, can help lower your energy costs by covering air leaks often left by older windows. This can be a great selling point, if you intend to put your home on the market soon.

Upgrade your Garage Door

Modern garage doors come in a vast array of styles and materials that can blend well with every style home, while still giving it a modern touch. Frosted glass and barn doors are just two of the many modern options to choose from.

Number Your Home

Installing new house numbers can be as easy as simply applying a fresh coat of paint to existing numbers, to ordering a custom stone engraved with your house numbers. As with everything else, be sure that the color and style of the numbers blends well with the tones and style of your home.

Giving your home a great facelift can be as simple as purchasing a can of paint and applying a fresh coat to a small area or as labor intensive as totally redesigning your landscape. Whatever you choose to tackle, however, both large and small projects will spruce up your home and add value to either yourself or a future home buyer.

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