5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Boring House into the Pride of the Street

If you own a house in a large neighborhood, you will struggle to stand out in a sea of homes. While true, if you spend a few dollars and take time to think of your area, you can turn your house into the pride of the street. With this in mind, here are five easy ways to spruce up your place.

Exotic plants:

All-too-often, homeowners will plant grass and throw up a lawn ornament or two. While popular, you will not gain any friends with a boring yard. Instead, you need to buy native plants that don’t use too much water. Not only will you save water and help the local environment, but you can impress your neighbors as they will appreciate unique plants.


Solar panels:

Believe it or not, when people notice solar panels, they will want to look at your house further. Not only do solar panels provide you free electricity, but you are making a statement with a few well-placed solar panels on your roof or in your backyard. Remember, in many areas, people will love your panels and want to ask you questions and learn more.


Use Louvers:

Have an unsightly, but necessary ventilation areas around the exterior of your home? Louvers are a great option to consider. There are all kinds of styles to choose from. New Concept Louvers has all kinds of aluminum louvers, there are other companies that have vinyl louvers, and there are even some that make wood louvers. These are great stylish options to cover up those unsightly dryer vents, air vents etc..


Large living room windows:

If you live in a nice area, you should install windows in your living room. With this addition, you can enjoy the outside world from the comfort of your living room. Furthermore, people walking on the sidewalk will take a look and envy your setup. To take this further, install double pane windows as you will save money as you can reduce your electric bills drastically.


There are plenty of ugly and boring homes all over the world. Fortunately, with these five tips, you will enjoy a beautiful home your friends and neighbors will enjoy thoroughly.

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