5 Fun Projects That Will Make Your House The Talk of The Neighborhood


Having a great looking home to come home to every day is one thing. Having a great hope that everyone else in your neighborhood talks about as well, that’s even more enjoyable. By adding just a few adjustments to your home and taking care of it appropriately, you can have a house that everyone in the neighborhood envies. Here are five fun projects that will make your house the talk of the neighborhood.



A paint job can bring new life to an otherwise dreary looking home. By throwing a new layer of paint on your existing house, you can take care of colors that may be faded due to weather or other external factors. Best yet, a paint job is one of the more easy projects that will have the most impact and make the biggest splash with your neighbors.



A beautiful new porch added to your home will not only give your neighbors something to talk about, but it’ll also be a wonderful place for you to stay and enjoy beautiful evenings under the stars. More than just a porch space, be sure to add cute chairs and a table, maybe a birdfeeder, or any other elements that will really make your new porch look great.


New Gutters

Another change that you can make to your home is adding new gutters. The value of gutters aren’t often realized until you really need them during a rain or snow storm. So to just prepare for that problem before hand, you can install a new set to prepare. Installing new gutters is often a more difficult task, so it might be wise to consider Indianapolis gutter installation to get the job done right.



Landscaping is something that every home should have. Not only does landscaping give your home a wow factor that will leave neighbors talking, but it’s also a great hobby that you can do to keep up on your own. By adding a few trees, a garden, or even a water display, you can completely change the look of your home.


Seasonal Changes

Consider being a bit festive throughout the year by continually changing and adding seasonal changes to your house. By changing with the seasons, and even using the holidays for inspiration, you can show your neighbors that you are a festive type of person who enjoys changing up your home routinely.


You can make a few simple changes to your home that will really make an impact on how the home looks. But if you don’t now where to get started, consider the ideas on this list for a bit of inspiration.

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