5 Kitchen Design Trends That Are Making It Big In 2018

Over the years, kitchens have evolved and so have kitchen designs. They are no longer small spaces tucked away somewhere in an insignificant corner of the house. Today, kitchens have become the most important part of the living spaces as this is the place where families enjoy moments together and make memories, not just food. They are the cozy spaces where food and conversations are cooked. No wonder, homeowners are more than interested in getting their kitchen designed by experts, like they do for the living room and the bedrooms. Let us check out the latest kitchen design trends that are making it big in 2018:

  1. Grey and pastel shades

The conventional white color is no longer the most preferred choice for kitchens. This year, designers have shown an inclination for the shades of grey and pastel colors. Some of them are even getting experimental and opting for bolder hues such as dark blue, bright yellow, and olive green. A combo look with two contrasting colors may also be used to give your kitchen a trendy look.

  1. Effective storage solutions

Another kitchen design trend that has been widely embraced in 2018 is that of effective storage solutions. Homeowners are embracing modular cabinets and storage to get more for less. This form of storage comes with multi-purpose shelves that are used to store things of different shapes and sizes without wasting even an inch of space.

  1. Color coordinated look

A color coordinated look has emerged as designer’s favorite trend this year. Whether you hire a kitchen designer san diego or anywhere else in the country, this is one common design feature that they would recommend. The focus of the design is on a single selected color, which they stick to while deciding the look for the walls, floor, cabinets and countertop.

  1. Wood counters and flooring

If you want a warm appearance for your kitchen, then wooden is the way to go. The trend of wooden flooring and counters is also emerging as a popular one. Wood gives a rich and natural feel, giving your kitchen an old-world charm. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain as compared to stone and other forms of flooring.

  1. Smart appliances

This year, kitchen design is not just about design elements but goes much beyond. As home automation gains extensive popularity, smart appliances have become a major trend for homeowners in 2018. They are investing in smart devices such as coffee makers, microwaves, and stoves to add a futuristic edge to their cooking space as well as make things easier for them.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen or building a new one, you should stick to these latest design trends. Having a professional designer is the best idea for a homeowner because only an expert can understand your expectations and blend it with trending designs to create something amazing. They can ideate a smart kitchen that combines visual appeal with all the functional elements that you require for cooking comfortably and safely.

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