5 Major Contractors You Want to Bring in When Building Your Home

Building a new home from the ground up is a monumental feat. Numerous highly-skilled laborers must each complete different stages of the project. When you hire a general contractor, the contractor will typically engage the services of reputable specialists on your behalf. However, you may want to take a more hands-on approach by selecting your own sub-contractors. Perhaps you do not want to work with a general contractor at all and prefer to act as your own general contractor. These are some of the primary types of specialists that you will need to contact to complete the construction of your home.

Foundation Contractor

Once the excavation work on the land has been completed and the land is ready to build on, a surveying company will typically mark the land so that the foundation team can get started. There are several types of foundations that may be built, and different specialists may offer specific services for one type of foundation. Spend time learning more about the pros and cons of each foundation type as a first step.

Electrical Contractor

Regardless of your home’s energy source, you will need electrical wiring run throughout the walls and ceiling. Wires will run to outlets, appliances, light switches, overhead lighting and more. A licensed contractor will need to ensure that the wiring is installed to code.

Plumbing Company

Likewise, your new home will have pipes laid throughout the foundation and walls. This plumbing will be for fresh water as well as wastewater. The plumber will usually come before the foundation is poured to lay pipes at the lowest level. The professional will return once the studs are in place to complete the pipe installation work or offer an appliance repair plan.

Roofing Company

Your home’s roofing is critical to its energy efficiency, its ability to protect you against the elements and more. A roofing company may complete the roof installation work within a day or two in many cases. The roof is usually installed after the studs are in place and before the drywall is installed.

Masonry Contractor

If your home will have stonework on the interior or exterior, a masonry professional is essential. Stones may be used as a fireplace façade, as a façade on a decorative wall, as an exterior surface on the home and more. Keep in mind that masons work with all types of stones as well as bricks.

It is never too early to begin researching contractors. Pay attention to reputation, licensing and insurance, and focus on their skills or specialty.

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