5 Packing Tips That Will Make Your Move Less Time Consuming and Stressful

Moving is an exciting event. Getting ready to start your life in a new environment is a refreshing feeling, buzzing with opportunities and the chance to start anew. However, amidst all the positivity of moving, there can be overwhelming feelings.

Focus on one room at a time

Thinking of all your belongings within your house and having to box everything up can seem very daunting. If you break up the task into workable segments, it will cause you to feel more relaxed during packing. If you start in your bedroom you can begin to decide what clothing you wear and what you can part with. Think of donating some unwanted clothing to a local church or other social services agency.

This option can work with going through kitchen ware and any other belongings.

Moving boxes in empty room

Wrap your breakables in an old t-shirt

Not only do threadbare tee shirts makes great rags, they make great wraps for storing breakables, too. Bubble wrap can get expensive when a large amount is needed. Dishes and plates can be wrapped with clothing. For a little added boost to breakables, put glassed inside clean socks. You won’t have to worry about newsprint from the typical or more traditional way of wrapping your fine china in newspaper.


Label each box with what is inside

Be sure to go one step further. Label each box with what’s inside, but to save a step, add what room the box will be going into. Halifax Transfer Inc is a moving company in Halifax who sees boxes upon boxes and would be the first to say that labeling your boxes is important! Spend time unpacking instead of searching for things.


Hiring professional movers can help protect fragile items

Friends who help you with moving are invaluable. However, sometimes, if you own a large amount of fragile valuables it may be to your benefit to hire a professional company to ensure items are handled with care. By preserving your cherished items, the cost of hiring movers can seem secondary.


Setting up electronics can be a daunting task

If it took you a little while, some huffing and puffing, some lively banter with your spouse trying to set up any electronics, there is a way to make sure that event doesn’t happen in your new home. Take a picture of any and all electronics, including all their wires, so when you go to set them up in your fabulous new home you will have pictured directions.


After you are moved into your new home, packing boxes will just be a memory. To get to that state of relaxation, it is essential to put your energy into organizing your items for moving. These tips can aid in helping you transition smoothly from your old home into your new one.

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