5 Parts Of Your Home That May Need Regular Maintenance

Minor Home ImprovementsTypically, house maintenance comes to mind when thinking the months of spring. However, the five listed house maintenance tips below really know no set season, and they can save homeowners a tremendous amount of money if done regularly enough.


1. Gutter System


Best done when checking for roof damage, be certain gutter downspout outlets are at least five feet from the foundation or side walls of the house’s structure. Vitally important is checking for leaves or other debris to avoid major clogging. Better yet, install gutters with screen guards to keep out debris from gutter canals. This is best done before storm season arrives.


2. Air Conditioner


Recommended every one to two months, changing air filters easily helps a/c units work in top form. Set thermostat according to seasonal temperature changes and clean the unit’s coils and condensers every 3-5 years. Generally, properly maintained a/c units last from 12-15 years.


3. Water Heater


This maintenance measure is best done in two steps. The first step is as simple as setting the heating element to 100 degrees or less. The second step requires a little more work, but it is easily done by someone who knows how. Basically, all you need are a hose, bucket and gloves to drain the water heater unit from inside sediment buildup. Generally, the life of the unit is anywhere from 15-30 years, if lucky.


4. Vacuum Refrigerator Coils


When coated with buildup of dust and grime, your fridge works harder and your light bill goes up. However, simply vacuuming the coils on back of the fridge and brushing coils clean makes your fridge work better and last longer.


5. Roof Maintenance


Needed annually before the rainy season, roof maintenance perhaps is the most critically important part of any proactive maintenance project. However, extreme care is called for by either you or preferably a licensed roofer in New Orleans climbing around to check for various tale-tell signs of impending problems.


Such signs include: missing or loose tiles, shingles and roofing nails. Many times, dark patches on tiles reveal mold accumulation. Generally, a well installed roof lasts 20-25 years; however, in hurricane-prone regions such as Florida, the life expectancy is 15 years.


Additional Tips:


By simply budgeting from one to three percent annually, homeowners can ready themselves proactively for the unexpected.


Have on hand warranties, manuals and user-guides as well as written contract agreements. And always keep a calendar record of service schedules for equipment, appliances and tools in general.

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