5 Pointers For Maintaining a Beautiful and Relaxing Yard

what you'll need to know beforeThere is no point having a yard if no one wants to be spend any time outside enjoying it. If you find this is the case at your home, there are probably some good reasons why. Here are some tips for making your yard irresistible to your family and guests.


1. Eliminate Pests


Insects make life miserable for everyone and moles and groundhogs can tear up your turf creating unpleasant holes and divots. Certain plants, grasses and flowers are known for their abilities to repel pests. Basil, citronella grass and lavender are a few examples. There are also organic repellants you can apply to your yard to discourage groundhogs, moles and deer.


2. Eliminate Weeds


Weeds will prevent the lush lawn you want. They can rob nutrients and water from your soil and prevent the grass you love from growing. The best way to remove weeds is by hand. Generally weed killers are plant killers, which means your grass too. A yard full of large brown orbs of dead grass is probably not the oasis you are hoping for. Pull weeds early in the spring before they take over and continue to be vigilant throughout the summer.


3. Gardens


A flower garden is only a benefit if it is actually maintained. It does not have to be exceptionally designed and overflowing, but does need to be weeded and have something growing in it. By planting a few hardy perennials each year, you will find that you soon have an established low-maintenance garden. Remember to water occasionally and mulch a couple times a year to keep it healthy.


4. Trim Trees and Bushes


Damaged or low-hanging branches are an eyesore and a hazard. Untrimmed bushes are messy and make your yard appear unkempt. A tree service such as Guardian Tree Experts can tend to both. They will make your yard look better, and will prune your trees and bushes appropriately to ensure they remain healthy and continue to grow abundantly. This is especially nice and relevant if you live in a tree city like Ann Arbor, Michigan.


5. Create the Perfect Patio


Since perfection is subjective, adjust what you need for comfort. Put your patio near the house if you want convenience or place in a shaded corner of the yard if you want to feel “away from it all”. Plant flowers nearby or bring in potted ones to give color and a sweet aroma. Have comfortable seating for everyone with tables and a grill nearby. Add to the area with whatever you need or remove what you feel is cluttering your space. If you are a minimalist you may only require a bench and book.


A little time and effort is usually all that is required to maintain a comfortable yard once it has been established. By setting work up in a schedule and sticking with it you can be assured of always having the beauty around you that you need.

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