5 Quick and Easy Gutter Cleaning Tips

Need to Downgrade Organization is the KeyFor most homeowners, gutter cleaning is not an enjoyable thing to do but the job has to get done. Gutters divert falling rain away from a home and reduce the risk of water damaging the exterior and foundation. In addition, leaves, twigs and other debris fill up gutters, weighing them down when they absorb the water from rain.

When this occurs, gutters become extremely heavy and can cause stress on the brackets. If people do it a couple of times a year, in the spring and fall, cleaning gutters is still a little scary but less tedious. These tips will help people get the job done with not as much stress.

Ladder Safety

A ladder is required to clean gutters on a house. Any time it is necessary for anyone to climb even a few feet from the ground; they are susceptible to injury due to falling. Choosing a very sturdy ladder with no broken rungs, helps to avoid injuries. Whenever a person is on a ladder, they should never extend themselves any further than necessary while working. It would be smart to move it every two to three feet at a time.

Scooping It Up

People can use their hands to remove leaves and other debris or use a gutter scooper. This type of tool is easier to manipulate and can make the job easier. A person has the option of emptying the waste into a bucket attached the ladder or just throwing it to the ground.


A water hose can be used to clear out the rest of the debris that is left in the gutter. However, a pressure washer is more effective. The water pressure from this type of instrument is very powerful and a person will be able clean a gutter while moving the ladder only slightly, causing the job to go quicker.

Unclogging Downspouts

If gutters are not cleaned on a regular basis, they become too full of debris and running water will wash it in the downspout. This type of action will cause a clog keeping the downspout from working properly. Inserting the tip of a pressure washer into the downspout and spraying should unclog it.

Additional Helpful Tips

When people have to use their hands to clean a gutter make sure to use gloves. This will help to avoid scratches, cuts and slivers. Wearing eye protection is a wise choice to prevent any debris from flying into a person’s eyes.

At its best, gutter cleaning is an annoying and disgusting chore. It can also be scary and downright dangerous. Calling professional gutter cleaning services, like the gutter services in Columbus to do the job, can save people time and may be a trip to the hospital.

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