5 Steps To Take To Make Sure Your Plumping Is Ready For The Heat

It’s no secret that winter is terrible for your plumbing – but did you know that summer weather can be even worse? As the mercury rises, the risk of plumbing problems increases exponentially. So what can you do to protect your home from damage? Follow these 5 simple steps to prepare your plumbing for the hot summer months.

Inspect Exterior Plumbing

Have your sewer line connections and other exterior plumbing inspected. As water usage rises during the summer months, your sewage connections are far more prone to backing up or leaking. Also pay particular attention to outdoor plumbing in the vicinity of trees or large shrubs; new tree root growth, which can damage or sever exterior pipes, exacerbates the problem. Plumbing contractors Fort Worth TX, or other experts local to your area, usually charge only modest fees for inspection.

Check Interior Piping

Check your interior piping for kinking or bulging. Bulging is a warning sign that a leak or burst is on the way. Higher temperatures and water usage weaken any existing problem areas, increasing the likelihood of a rupture. Pull your washing machine a few inches away from the wall, and check the attached plumbing with a flashlight.

Check System Drainage

Ensure that your system is draining properly, both inside and out. Standing water is never good for your plumbing system – but the effects can be particularly dire during the summer months. Indoors, standing water creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew, which can quickly flourish in the heat. Outdoors, stagnant water creates an ideal breading ground for mosquitoes.

Inspect for Water Damage

Check your bathroom for water damage. Straddle your toilet, and grasp each side of the bowl. Gently rock the toilet from side to side. If the toilet moves, there’s a good chance your toilet isn’t secure and is probably leaking to some extent, whether or not you’re aware of it. Check the area in and around your shower for loose tile work, which is a good early indicator of water damage.

Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

If you have a garbage disposal, pay extra attention to it over the summer. Many of the most common foods of the warm summer months can wreak havoc on your unit. Of particular concern are corn husks, banana peels, and other highly fibrous foods. Over the summer, give your garbage disposal extra attention – and always run cold water into the unit after each use to flush the system.

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