5 Things All Buyers Want In A House

With the abundance of homes for sale in the real estate market today, Buyers can pick and choose what they want. It seems that there are certain home features that the majority of Buyers look for. The top 5 things all Buyers want in a house are:

Air Conditioning

During the summer, air conditioning is a must have, especially if you live in a warm climate. The condition and remaining economic life is very important to Buyers. Replacing an a/c unit could mean thousands of dollars, so finding a house with air conditioning in good condition is very desirable.


Storage space is another feature that Buyers look for. Walk-in closets with shelving or custom cabinetry is very appealing as well as functional. Walk-in closets offer a much larger usable space to store items when compared to a regular closet. Typically, the master bedroom, due to its larger space, would be an ideal location for walk-in closets.

Master Bathroom

Another desirable upgrade in the master bedroom is having an in- suite bathroom, accessible only through the master bedroom. It offers privacy and a place to relax for the head of the household. A master bathroom could offer a separate bathtub and shower, double vanities, and even a door separating the toilet from the rest of the room.

New Appliances

Appliances play an essential role in any kitchen. Having items such as a microwave or dishwasher along with a refrigerator and range is common in homes today. Buyers are looking for appliances that are new or in very good condition with a long remaining economic life. They do not want to buy a house and then have to replace all the appliances, which would mean a substantial financial expense.

Custom Upgrades

Buyers look for upgrades that have been made specifically for the home and that will remain with the home if they buy it. Such items may include special window treatments created by a reputable custom window company like Sunburst Shutters. Or it may be custom build-ins that were installed in the closets or garage.

Other cosmetic features can be easily changed or added once you purchase a home. For instance, before you move in, it is an ideal time to change the paint on the walls or add window treatments. Installing new carpet or other flooring is best when there is no furniture around. But first, you have to find that perfect house.

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