5 Things Property Managers Can Do To Increase The Amount Of Tenants In Their Complexes

Property managers are always happier when their units are filled with tenants. Unfortunately, doing this is easier said than done. It is important to figure what needs to be done before a property manager begins making changes. Each property obviously has its own specific issues, but there are five things that can be done to increase the number of occupied units in almost any complex.

Make units look nice

Making sure every unit looks great may seem like an obvious thing. However, many property managers worry about spending money. This is why there are many complexes that have units that don’t look nice and welcoming to potential renters. What these managers don’t know, is that they can make the units look nice without spending a lot of money. A no-thrills unit, with no major or cosmetic problems is more likely to be filled than an over-the-top unit with many little issues. Make sure the units are clean, neat, and functional.



Landscaping is easy to do, but it is often overlooked by property managers. However, people like to look at how well maintained a property is to determine the overall quality of the complex. A lack of proper landscaping can lead people to think that the units haven’t been well taken care of either.

Modern updates

As each year passes, it is becoming more and more important for business to appeal to millennials. The same goes for property managers. Anything that can be done to make the complex look more modern will help to attract young renters. These changes don’t necessarily have to be functional either. Simple cosmetic changes can make the complex look fresh and inviting. Streetcar in Toronto that has lofts for sale and is a great example of a complex appealing to those with more modern tastes.



A great way for a property manager to attract tenants to their complex is to offer amenities. Some complexes have pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, and even fitness centers. These extras may be just the thing to convince a potential renter to sign a lease.



When all else fails, money talks. Offering deals such as “first month free” will usually persuade a reluctant renter to commit. Anything that involves them getting a discount can be highly persuasive.

Property managers are always looking for simple ways to fill more of their units. The five ideas listed here are a good place for them to start. All most tenants are looking for is a good place to call home. It’s the property manager’s job to make their complex as welcoming as possible.

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