5 Tips for Doubling the Value of Your Real Estate in 10 Years

Need to Downgrade Organization is the KeyGrowth rate of real estate depends on a number of factors. It is extremely important for investors to consider these factors when they are purchasing property. If they already have the property, then there are ways in which they can increase the rates of their property. Here are 5 tips for doubling the value of real estate in 10 years.



Location of the real estate is the most important factor when investing in real estate. Properties like PebbleCreek community real estate increase in value, doubling in 10 years, making them good investments. Ensure that the property in which you are investing is located in a place having good infrastructure. If it is close to the main roads, airport, or a good neighborhood, then it is even better.


Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of the house when it is viewed from the street. The value of an attractive home is more as it attracts more buyers and results in higher offering price and sales. To increase curb appeal, apply a fresh and bright coat of paint. Give your home new roofing, new front door, windows and landscape your yard. These increase the value of the home potentially.


Square Footage

The square footage or overall size of your home is an important point when considering the value of the real estate. The more the square footage, the more the value of the home. For example, adding a bedroom or bathroom to the house, increase the square footage. Call an appraiser to measure every room inside the house and every wall outside the house to determine the square footage.


Property Condition

The condition of the property enhances value of the house. The real estate agent will evaluate conditions of the floor and any structural improvements made by the owner. Other important factors that increase property value are the electrical, sewage and water systems. These should be in top notch condition as they play a vital role in the property’s appraisal. Any damage to these will show up in the home and decrease the value of the real estate.


Upgrade the Kitchen

A kitchen is the focal point of every home. It is the gathering place when you have guests. Upgrade the condition of your kitchen and get modern appliances installed. Remove clutter and refinish cabinetry for a new look.


Following these 5 tips will double the value of your real estate in 10 years. Mary Couzens Realty helps homeowners increase the value of their home and helps buyers find homes at the best places and prices.

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