5 Tips To Get 5 Stars: A Short Term Rental Guide

With companies like Airbnb making it easier than ever to create your own rental experience, it’s such a great idea to open up an income stream in this manner. As a homeowner, you’d serve as the host of the property. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to make sure you do everything you can to ensure ultimate satisfaction. While every renter is different, there are some ways you can make the experience flawless for everyone. Consider these five tips to help you earn five stars on Airbnb.

Maintain immaculate cleanliness
Don’t rely on your own personal standard of cleanliness unless you’re a neat freak. If you’re not sure where to set the bar, hire a cleaning company to deep clean the rental. Once they’ve cleaned it, you can get a better idea of what the standard should be. Always provide clean, freshly laundered sheets, towels and washcloths. Cleanliness is a really big deal when you’re somewhere besides your own home.

Provide the right amenities 
You don’t want guests to feel like they are staying in a college dorm. Make sure your rooms have matching furniture sets. Think of the amenities the standard hotel provides, and match their example. If it’s financially feasible, provide cable TV and Wi-Fi. Provide an iron, ironing board and a steamer. Make sure there’s a coffee maker, a microwave and other kitchen essentials. If you’re able to provide an assortment of coffee, tea and water, this is considerate.

Be efficient
Don’t get stuck in the Stone Age. Step into 2018, and enjoy the conveniences of all the technological advancements. Nowadays, there are key codes and locks with keyless entries you can use to allow people to arrive whenever they’re ready. You can also change the entry code whenever you want. This allows for more security as past guests won’t have access to get in again.

Realize that details really matter 
Your first impression is the lasting impression. Leave a chocolate mint on the pillow. Write a hand-written welcome note. Add discount code they can use at one of the local restaurants. These are thoughtful details that can really make you stand out from the rest as a memorable host.

Ask for reviews and feedback 
It can really help if you ask your tenants to fill out a small survey where they can leave their feedback and a review. Sometimes, people have an amazing experience, but forget to leave a review.

When it comes to owning and actively making a property available for rent, it’s up to you to do what you can to intentionally improve. Once you get valid feedback and sound advice, add those new action items to your list of priorities. Before long, you’ll be able to keep the rental property as a solid and strong form of income.

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