5 Tips to Modernize the Look of Your Older Home

You absolutely adore your older home, but it’s ready for a facelift. It’s time to refresh your living space without doing a total overhaul. When you get creative and go on the hunt for new ideas, there are many, easy ways to spruce up your place. Here are five tips top modernize the look of your older home.

Make a splash with color

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to brighten your home and bring it into the 21st century. It’s time to get rid of white and neutral colors that have no character. You need a touch of pizazz in each room of your home. Consider bold colors and startling contrasts that will really grab your attention. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, head to the clearance section in the paint aisle. You can often find mistakes from previous customers for a real bargain. They might not be your colors of choice, but they can take your home in a new direction.

Add modern door handles

Take a look at the exciting, new trends in modern door handles. They can really add flair to your home. Be sure to update your entrances, as well as each door within the home. Each turn of the knob will open the door to possibilities!

Get new curtains

If you are like so many people, you’ve probably had the same curtains hanging in your house forever. Go out and find something that will match your new paint scheme. You can really change the entire atmosphere simply by hanging different drapes.

Consider hardwood floors

If every inch of floor space is covered with old carpeting, aren’t you ready for something new? Hardwood is easy to clean, looks amazing, and will transform every room. If the expense of real wood is too much to bear, laminate is a great substitute. You can find many varieties, the pieces lock together easily, and they are durable. Choose wisely and no one will know it isn’t real.

Time to switch the furniture

Dare to be different with your furnishings. You’ll need new pieces to go with your paint and curtains! You can hit the bargain basement at the furniture store, hunt around at yard sales, or go with covers and cushions to make a little dazzle.

Give your home a little TLC, make a few additions, and you’ll have modern décor. Don’t forget prints and accents to finish the job!

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