5 Tools You Always Wanted to Buy, and 5 Projects to Justify Buying Them

These great tools might seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but they are much more useful, and possibly even cost-saving or profitable that you might first suspect. Think again before you put it back on the shelf as you window shop through your favorite hardware store. It may be worth it after all and then some!


A scrollsaw may not seem like the most necessary tool at first, but having one handy could actually turn a nice profit in the right situation, or at least win the undying gratitude and best seat in the living room during games from your buddies. Using a scrollsaw, you can cut out the wooden letters to make decorative plaques for favorite sports teams. Whether it’s a gift for a friend or something to market on Ebay for a handy buck, plenty of use can be wrought from this great tool, and much of it money saving or money making. Also consider that a freshly built set of cabinets can benefit from your own decorative woodwork rather than forking out for fancy anything. No, scrollsaws are not frivolous at all. They are a potential money-making and people-pleasing power house.

Air Compressor

An air compressor might just be one of the most versatile tools ever owned. It can be used for everything from pressure washing to topping off low tires and basketballs to an ultra-fast nail gun, with some of the best uses being purely creative. For instance, with a quality air compressor, you can finally get that project car out of the garage and sandblast surfaces to get them primed and ready for airbrush painting. That hot-rod will be ready for a quality cruise in no time.

Fixing a door tongue

Stump Grinder

Anyone who has ever had to cut down a tree in their friend or their own yard knows the pain in the neck of watching a hundred tiny shoots come right back up from the same spot over and over and the unmanageable mess it makes. A commercial stump grinder will get rid of that mess once and for all. And this isn’t a one time use type of tool if one is willing to turn a profit off of it. Trees need cutting down every day. It can be rented out or the stump-grinding service provided for a fee. That could be quite a weekend money making project.

Oscillating Multi-Tool

What can’t an oscillating multi-tool do? Cutting, grinding, removing caulk, window putty and sanding are all a piece of cake with this incredibly versatile tool. You can buy it for one project and then pull it out again and again for hundreds of uses around the house. Isn’t it time for those dulling hardwood floors in your entry-way to be sanded down and refinished to a beautiful, glowing shine?

Professional Infrared Thermometer

Taking temperatures with a gun? Now this is just pure frivolous fun isn’t it? Absolutely not! Point the gun at possible drafty spots around the entire house and find out just where unwanted drafts are sucking your energy bill dry. Just think of how much money can be saved on your power bill. Now where is that oscillating multi-tool and caulk?

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