5 Ways to Add Value to your Home by Refurbishing your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most productive and cost effective ways of adding value to your home and there are a number of projects to consider. Of course, like any sort of remodeling or refurbishment some sorts of remodeling is better than others. So, let’s take a look at the remodeling trends that could put your house well and above the rest and also add value.

Cabinet Replacement

Cabinets are often the best place to start in the kitchen and you have two options when refurbishing. You can either replace the whole cabinet or alternately the face of the cabinet. We can tell you at kuchenworld.co.uk that the pricing spectrum is quite large and it can cost as little to do this as a few thousand pounds and cost tens of thousands for the best on the market. Even using things like soft close drawers and easy wipe down door faces can add plenty of desirability to your home and monetary value also. If your cabinets are in good condition then refacing is perfectly fine – just ensure the finish and style suit the rest of the kitchen.


There are a whole host of different sorts of flooring available and the difference between a basic flooring like lino and a more expensive one like hardwood when it comes to adding value is vast. The trick is to choose the sort of flooring that works with your wallet and also with your kitchen.

Floating floors have come increasingly popular in recent years, with hardwood or in this case faux hardwood very much on trend. These floating floors vary in price and there are plenty of options available.


A new countertop can really be the star of the show in your kitchen and if you get the right materials it can really add an amazement factor. The like of granite is at the top end of the scale and you pay for what you get. Alternatively, more affordable materials such as quartz and other composites look great and offer plenty of value for money and truly add desirability and worth to your home.


The lighting is also a big factor and can really add a lot to the home. Picking the right lights for the kitchen can make things a lot more attractive and really allows you to set the mood in the space. Pendant lighting is very common nowadays, though other additional sorts of lights work well too. Think of down lighters, under cabinet lighting for chopping areas and dimmers to create alternative lighting options.

Open Floor

Open floor plans are and have been very common for a number of years. The idea of having a living room and dining room without walls is quite on trend and looks like it will be for the near future. People want to see open and airy spaces that work with their lifestyles. Open plan floor space offers this and really helps you to overhaul your kitchen space and add a little more to your home. Just be sure to consult a good contractor to prevent structural issues.

These tips are there to help you to add more to your kitchen space but also the worth of the home, whether it’s a rented out or lived in building.

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