5 Ways To Increase Your Curb Appeal

Buying a New Home Three New Things to look For PicCurb appeal is important on many levels. Whether you are selling a house or just trying to impress the neighbors, there are several easy ways to boost the look of a home’s yard and landscape.


1. Mulch Garden Beds


Mulching your plant and garden beds is not only important to protect plant roots, but also makes a drab landscape look instantly tidy and beautiful. Mulch comes in many colors, but black mulch usually provides the best contrast for flowering plants and shrubs. Put down a new layer in the spring and stand back and admire your landscape.


2. Display Attractive Planters


Add some beauty to your front entrance or patio using some potted plants placed in decorative planters. This is a low-maintenance fix to immediately spruce up anyone’s yard. Choose flowers with bright colors and add in some ornamental grasses for a sophisticated look. Adding matching planters to the sides of your front door is also a nice touch.


3. Plant Some Trees


A barren landscape can make even the most beautiful home look unappealing. As simple as it sounds, adding trees to your landscape is a long-term way to improve curb appeal. Planting flowering varieties will greatly enhance your landscape in the spring and also add interest for most of the year. Make sure your trees are not planted too close to your house or near power lines.


4. Make The Curb Appealing


There is no better way to ensure a lovely looking yard than to hire a professional. Having a well landscaped yard is one of the more obvious ways to make the outside of your house appealing. What can often get overlooked is a cracked and broken sidewalk or driveway, which can make you home look aged. If you have walkways or driveways that aren’t looking up to snuff, its time to call the professionals. While this obviously comes with a cost, the quality service provided by an asphalt paving company may well be worth it. Now you can have the comfort and satisfaction of knowing that your actual curb is a well kept part of the overall appeal of your charming home.


5. Improve The Front Door


Visitors coming to your front door will certainly take note if things are starting to look a little shabby. Consider repainting your front door with fresh paint. If you are brave, you can opt to change to a bright new color, which can make the entrance stand out. Also, be sure to fix any broken doorknobs, lighting or other hardware for a clean look. Add an attractive doormat or even a seasonal wreath to make a welcoming main entrance.

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