5 Ways To Transform A Starter Home To Your Dream Home

For those families who have made the exciting step of purchasing a starter home, making gradual improvements is typically the next priority. There are five fundamental ways to help turn any starter home into the perfect dream home.

The Kitchen

Statistically, the kitchen and bathroom are the most commonly remodeled rooms in a home. They are also the most expensive. For homeowners on a budget, projects like cabinet re-facing can offer a dramatic transformation to even the most drab and lifeless kitchen. This cost effective project takes little time to complete, and will make a huge difference in appearance and functionality.

The Bathroom

Updating an older bathroom will also offer a dramatic change to any starter home. From tile to fixtures, even the smallest change will make a world of difference. When a complete remodel is out of the question, investigating services such as tub and bath liners and inserts will prove to save both time and money.

Air Conditioning

Another great update is air conditioning, Charleston experts say it is the perfect investment to help bring any starter home to the next level. Not only does air conditioning offer obvious comfort during the warmer summer months, but it also helps to deliver a higher quality of air for the entire family. For starter homes already outfitted with central air conditioning, professional maintenance, or replacement with a more efficient unit should be something to consider.


Flooring is a project that can really bring any home to life. Starter homes will often be fitted with inexpensive carpet, or other flooring options that were simply installed to get the job done. Traditional hardwood, laminate flooring, and tile are perfect solutions for upgrading any home, and will allow the homeowner to express their personal taste and style.

Windows and Doors

Although this may represent a significant expense, replacing windows and doors where necessary will help improve energy efficiency, and it may offer a more appealing alternative compared to what was originally installed. In the case of an entry way, replacing an ordinary front door with a custom unit will make the home seem much more inviting and lived in.


Turning a starter home into a dream home can certainly be done in stages. When the budget allows, projects can be done as time permits. It’s important that homeowners don’t overwhelm themselves by tackling too much at any given time. Starting one project, finishing, and then moving onto the next, is always the best course of action.

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