5 Ways You Can Turn Your Home Into an Asset

As a veteran, you are ready to embark on a home improvement venture to increase your home’s value. Before you do, check in with your local real estate agent to learn which upgrades will bring the biggest bang for your improvement buck. Chances are the following suggestions are on the list.


DE-Clutter, DE-Clutter, DE-Clutter


Experts agree that the first, cheapest and most effective means by which a home can improve in value is to simply, but extremely, clean all clutter from both the interior and exterior of the home. Excess clutter give the impression of an unkempt dwelling. Simplifying the surface lines of your home can dramatically change and significantly improve it’s overall look.


Chic Up the Kitchen


With a little help from a VA Streamline Loan, one of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to begin in the kitchen. In nearly any market the kitchen is the focal point of the home and your home’s value can jump with the application of some sandpaper, a couple of coats of a light or neutral color paint, and finishing touches with new door knobs and drawer pulls that accent the general décor of your home. Its not always necessary to make the investment in new, matching appliances. If the current appliances are in good condition, a thorough cleaning and polishing will generally serve to improve value as well.


Perk Up Your Paint


You may love the color violet, but in the interest of boosting your home’s value, learn to love beige. Examine the condition of the walls in the kitchen, bath and living room. As the most important rooms in your home, smoothly patched and freshly painted in earthy, neutral colors, fresh walls give the rooms the illusion of new and spacious areas. Stay away from multiple colors throughout the house.


Sharpen the Curb Appeal


Closely examine the facade of your home from the street. See what others see and with a veteran VA Streamline loan, clean, trim, remove the overgrowth. Purchase and strategically place two or three shrubs and ornamental trees for accent. Clean the walkway. Replace all broken walkway surfaces. Freshen up the front walls with a power wash or new paint. Perhaps a new front door is in order.


Lighten Up


Take a look at the light fixtures throughout your home. Are they clean, current and energy efficient? If not, replacing them is a cost effective expenditure that brings significant returns in value.

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