6 Amazing Benefits Of Adding a Deck To Your House

4 Amazing New Home Improvement Apps to Help You DIYFor those looking to upgrade their home, there are a number of ways to make it more functional year-round. Adding a beautiful outdoor deck is one of the most popular additions, working to provide a great place for hosting events with friends and spending family time outside. There are a number of great benefits associated with adding a new deck.


1. A Place to Host


Whether throwing a birthday party or having a summer BBQ, a deck provides additional space. It will work as a great place to host guests for a dinner party or even to have an extra place to lounge and relax during the warmer months.


2. Increases Home Value


Perhaps one of the best benefits of a deck is how it naturally increases the home’s value. According to experts, you can easily recoup up to 72 percent of the cost of building the deck by the amount it will raise the overall property value of your house. This exceeds what can be recouped from other home additions, including adding a living room, sun room, or even an extra bathroom.


3. Aesthetic Appeal


Adding a deck adds a high amount of design to any home, making it more visually appealing and enhancing the home’s overall quality. It can easily add dimension to any yard for an attractive property that stands out. You can stain the wood of the deck to fit into the color scheme of your shutters and the design of your house to make it look natural and appealing.


4. Quick to Build


Decks can be completed in as early as a week’s time, making it easy to live within the home without all of the noise and disturbance that can normally last months on end for other home projects. Project requirements will include having the proper amount of workers to get the job done quickly and renting out an affordable dumpster rental in Indianapolis to save time with all of the trash and debris to be thrown out.


5. Extra Space


Adding a deck to your property will provide extra room to store a barbecue, patio furniture, and even potted plants. If you don’t have space in your garage, you could even store your bike. A deck is a space that is easy to furnish and will free up the yard for other interests and activities.


6. Inexpensive


Decks cost significantly lower than other home additions, making them a great option for those on a budget who still want to enhance their home in some way without taking out a loan. The cost of a deck ranges, but depends on the type of lumber used, as well as how large it will be, often ranging from $20 to $35 per square foot on average.


Contracting a company to do the work for you can cost up to three times as much than doing it yourself, making it important to determine your preferences if you are going to stick within your budget.

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