6 Budget Kitchen Renovation Suggestions

Outside of the master bedroom, the kitchen is often seen as the single largest selling point for a home, but remodeling can become overly expensive for those on a strict budget. When the amount of money invested into remodeling must be carefully monitored, these six upgrades may be exactly what are needed to improve the homes appearance and functionality.

Budget Kitchen

1. Paint, Don’t Replace

While it may seem ideal to swap out cabinets, fixtures, and tiling, painting is a great way to add a personal touch without the massive expenses that come along with complete replacements. With some sanding and a single layer of primer, most cabinets look excellent with cheerful colors that add a unique flair to the kitchen. Fixtures can also be painted, repainted, or polished until owners are ready to spring for replacements.


2. Surplus Faucets and Fixtures

When large corporations purchase fixtures for a new business center, hotel, or housing track, they often find themselves with a large surplus of supplies. For those that have a keen eye and a little patience, this could mean a great kitchen overhaul at just a fraction of the price. Homeowners should keep in touch with local contractors and larger chain stores and inquire about surplus sinks, faucets, and other kitchen fixtures. These businesses often have dozens of products in storage that they would like to be rid of.


3. Promote Natural Lighting

Promoting natural lighting is often the go-to upgrade for anyone that is ready to add a new design twist to their home. For many years, upscale lights and light fixtures were the most popular option for remodeling, but most home buyers and homeowners now want to improve the natural lighting. A beautiful kitchen window treatment can help open up the room and offer a soft touch to all colors you’ve decided to use in this space. From double hung windows to casement windows, these options are affordable and can be installed relatively quickly.


4. High-Efficiency Dishwashers

Purchasing cutting edge appliances may seem like a relatively large investment, but those that are looking to save money may be surprised about these devices. In addition to their ever-dropping costs and the potential for tax rebates, a high-efficiency dishwasher will also add value to a home for years on end. While the initial cost may be slightly higher than a traditional dishwasher, a drop in water and electricity bills means that they can often pay for themselves in as little as a few years.


5. Add a Backsplash

One of the easiest ways to quickly improve the aesthetics of a kitchen is to add a backsplash to either the sink or the stovetop. A backsplash can be made of almost anything imaginable and is a great area to show one’s true creativity. For those that would like to keep this project affordable, tiling can be purchased by the foot, comes in nearly every color and design imaginable, and is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.


6. Spruce Up with Plants

When a budget is extremely tight, a few plants may be all that is needed to add a personal touch to the kitchen. Instead of going with flowers or shrubbery that may die in a short period of time, owners should think about plants with a purpose. Many smaller fruit and vegetable plants grow perfectly well indoors, but those that are unsure of their green thumb can also opt for drought-resistant herbs that need little attention.


No kitchen remodeling project needs to be an expensive chore that stretches on for weeks. It is often the little touches that are added to a kitchen that will make all the difference with form and function.

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